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Poker Bets- When Should You C-Bet with Ace-King?

In order to learn how to play poker right, you need to know about the different kind of betting strategy C Bet that can help you win the pot in specific situations. Cutting through the noise, in this blog, we’re going to answer the most frequently asked questions by beginners in the game. 

What is a Continuous Bet ( C bet)?

A continuous bet ( C bet) is a bet that is placed when the flop is lost but the pot is entered, similar to the one raised before the flop. It’s designed to keep your opponents out of turn, not to bet on value. In essence, it’s a bluff based on the fact that you called the show before the flop. You need to make sure you mix it up a little though. You cannot be C-betting every time. Understanding how to play Poker and the texture of the flop is very important. Be careful if the flop is dangerous.

When you enter a pot as the raiser,  what considerations should you make before you c bet? 

The most notable strategy when playing a cash game is to consider whether placing a continuous bet would work against the type of player you are playing against. Are you an aggressive player who likes to play with loads of people? Or did you fold after a lot of c-bets from other games? It’s important to remember that your opponent has a 70% chance of missing the flop, the reason for a successful c betting game. 

At the same time, you need to change it from time to time. Otherwise, everyone will know what you are doing. Also, it is unlikely that you will hit every flop hard. When C-betting, your opponent will most likely try to catch you when you hit the flop,  and check you. Now, they missed a great opportunity to make a pot. f you feel dangerous, you can make use of the free card. And if you don’t hit the turn, it’s very easy to get out if they decide to bet later.

Things to Keep in Mind When You Hit the Flop with AK 

These tips are especially focused on how to play Poker and flop the top pair on a 100 big blind stack.

# 1: Always c bet on value when making higher pairs on the flop

This includes both single raise pots and 3-bet pots. Whether the top pair in a cash game is a  high king flop or an ace-high flop, your hand is very strong, and eliciting value is an immediate priority.

Warning: Slowing down the play is not advisable. 

 #2: In multiway pots, proceed cautiously with the top pair! 

Your top pair is still pretty good on the flop of the multiplayer pot, but the equity is significantly lower compared to the heads-up pot. It gets worse after three or more players in turn call bets on the flop.

This happens because the defensive burden is distributed across multiple players. This forces your opponent to play harder against bets on the flop. Therefore, when they make a call, they have a much stronger rank than after calling the pot heads-up.

Small c-bets on the flop are often appropriate, especially on dry boards, but be prepared to slow down if the board becomes dangerous. If even the c-bet on the flop feels a bit dangerous, start with a check and work from there.

Things to Keep in Mind When You Miss the Flop With AK 

 #1: You should always bet when the flop is dry and disconnected and you are in the right position

Example: Raising with AK and big blind calls. The flops are Q for diamonds, 7 for hearts, and 4 for spades. When you’re in an aggressor position pref-lop on a fairly decoupled flop, you’ll want to c-bet on the ace-king without a draw. With multiple outs to use against the top pair with the top kicker, your hand has enough equity to make it a profitable semi-bluff. Hitting the top pair on the turn will comfortably triple the barrel value.

#2: If the Board is Tight and There is Nothing, You Better Fold

Example: Increase the pre-flop with A of spades, K of spades, and call two people. There are 8 diamonds, 7 diamonds, and 6 diamonds on the flop. This is one of the reasons for making a mistake as the starting player. They were so strong before the flop that they could marry their hand.

On the other hand, you are working on your game and you will not make that mistake. Don’t feel like you have to win every pot just because you had a good hand in the previous clean field! Sometimes you just have to stop and move on.

That’s all for now. Hope you have a better idea of how to play poker with Ace-King and make more money in the next session.

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