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Pipedrive CRM Review

Pipedrive is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) company that develops a web application and mobile app for sales CRM. The company has more than 1,000 employees in eight offices in Europe and the US, and provides sales CRM tools for businesses of all sizes. The company is known for its ease of use and affordability, making it an attractive option for businesses.


With Pipedrive, it’s easy to make appointments and manage your schedule. The Scheduler can be integrated directly into your email composer and even works with your calendar. It’s ideal for scheduling ad hoc meetings or telephone calls and helps you track deals and sales around the clock. The software also automates sales assistant tasks and manages your company’s performance, forecasting revenue, and much more.

Pipedrive CRM offers many integrations with other applications. For example, you can integrate Pipedrive with Acuity Scheduling. To connect the two apps, create an event in one app and trigger an action in the other. For example, you could create an event in Acuity Scheduling and then create a new pipeline opportunity in Pipedrive.

Another feature of Pipedrive’s Scheduler is the ability to sync with Google calendar. This means you don’t have to spend time manually putting together your schedule. You can also share your availability online and let your contacts choose a time that works best for them. Pipedrive’s Scheduler is a great time-saver for sales pros.

Pipedrive CRM is a very easy-to-use CRM. I particularly like its Kanban board dashboard view. It’s also easy to access your sales activities from the mobile app. It’s easy to use, doesn’t have a lot of distractions, and includes a Scheduler.


You can define filters for activities in Pipedrive CRM to filter your activities. By adding filters to your activities list view, you can view activities related to specific deals, contacts, or organizations. For example, if you want to view activities that haven’t been updated for 30 days, you can filter your activities by activity type.

There are a number of ways to define filters in Pipedrive. Filters can be grouped by deal type, segmented by deal type, or set to display only closed or won deals. Pipedrive’s filters also have a number of other features, such as a view of all lost or unclosed deals. Filters can be either private or shared, depending on your preferences.

You can also use filters to display only deals related to a specific company, region, or industry. This feature is available on the Professional or Performer plans. If you’re unsure of whether you’ll want to use this feature, try a trial. Once you’ve made your selection, click Save.

Filters in Pipedrive CRM can help you find the right deals and contacts. You can sort leads by last activity, source, and more. You can also define filters for activities and generate reports, and stay in control of your flow of data. Pipedrive is designed to centralize all of your businesses and keep your database updated. Adding filters can help you improve your sales and marketing conversions.

Hevo Data integrations

Integrations between Pipedrive CRM and Hevo Data provide businesses with a comprehensive data management solution. Both tools help businesses track communications and deals, lead cycles, and customer information. As a business grows, keeping track of this information can become a daunting task. With Hevo, this process becomes easier and faster.

Pipedrive CRM offers a flexible platform and integrates easily with HubSpot. In addition, Hevo Data makes administration and ETL processes simple. Additionally, the two companies offer free data transfer. With this integration, businesses can use Hevo data for free for the Pipedrive CRM integration.

In addition to Hevo Data integrations, Pipedrive offers a number of features that help business owners organize their contacts and teams. For example, it offers an integrated CRM with a live dashboard and reporting features. It also offers automated tasks and a number of features to help sales teams build relationships. For example, it can pull leads from email forms and chatbots.

Pipedrive CRM integrations with Tableau allow business users to analyze and explore data in a variety of ways. For instance, users can use the data from Pipedrive inside Tableau to uncover important insights about their sales processes. Sales professionals can use this information to identify bottlenecks and strengthen sales processes. Additionally, they can connect Pipedrive data to other business processes for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Pipedrive is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) company that provides sales CRM tools. The company employs over 1,000 people with eight offices in Europe and two in the United States. If you’re considering using its tools, you’ve probably already heard of its sales pipeline organization capabilities and mobile app.

Track communications

Pipedrive crm tracks communications with prospects, partners, and vendors. This tool helps you track emails and other correspondence and presents them visually, making it easy to see all of your previous conversations and follow up on leads. The software is free to use, and requires no credit card. It also enables you to control who sees which communications.

Moreover, Pipedrive also helps you manage clients, and track deals and lead cycles. Tracking customer information can be a daunting task, especially if your company is growing rapidly. Pipedrive’s powerful reporting tools will help you manage your leads, automate tasks, and build relationships. Its unique features enable you to import leads from chatbots and email forms and organize them in pipelines.

To make the most of its CRM capabilities, Pipedrive offers a free 14-day trial. It also offers training through Pipedrive Academy. Pipedrive CRM also comes with a host of integrations that make it easy to integrate with other software. Using Pipedrive’s Slack integration, for example, allows you to import your Slack and Gmail accounts into Pipedrive with one click.

Pipedrive CRM is an excellent choice for marketing agencies. The customizable platform is suitable for a variety of use cases and offers excellent support. Support is available via phone, email, and live chat. Its support is highly responsive and appears to be based in the U.S. Support is available 24/7, and responses are usually within a few hours. For your convenience, it also includes a chat option to discuss issues and offer recommendations.

The software also enables managers to build a database and view timelines of contact activity. The software also lets salespeople schedule emails, phone calls, and meetings. It also helps to measure performance and predict revenue with just a few clicks. Pipedrive CRM can make the process of managing contacts easier, and can help you achieve your sales goals faster.

If you are a media company, Pipedrive media CRM can help you manage your sponsorships, event attendees, and sponsor relationships. It can also track social media activity and subscriber data. It also integrates with other communication tools, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google.

Report on sales performance

With the help of Pipedrive CRM reports, sales managers can monitor the performance of their team and make informed decisions. Sales performance analysis is essential for refining sales processes and predicting future revenue. Pipedrive’s sales reports are highly customizable and provide a clear visual overview of sales performance. They reveal winning sales patterns and sales bottlenecks, making it easier for sales teams to make informed decisions.

Pipedrive CRM reports show the performance of individual salespeople, pipelines, and deals. Each report displays a timeline, deal stage, and average deal duration. Each report can be filtered by a specific salesperson or a team. In addition to sales performance reports, users can create custom reports based on their specific needs.

In addition to sales reports, Pipedrive has a number of other functions that can help marketers track customer relationships. For example, its automation and email functions help sales teams better communicate with customers. This means quicker responses and better customer satisfaction. It also helps marketing teams save time and resources by enabling them to focus on customer service. Pipedrive also helps sales teams keep in touch with customers, which leads to better feedback and faster adjustments.

Apart from sales reports, CRMs also provide other valuable information such as productivity, deal funnel analytics, and pipeline revenue. The data from these metrics is analyzed and converted into visual bar charts for a better understanding of the overall sales performance. CRMs also help you create customized dashboards that highlight key metrics in your business.

Pipedrive is a cloud-based sales CRM solution that simplifies the sales process. The system’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate. The main screen of the application displays the status of each deal, including pending and completed activities. The user interface can also help salespeople explain reasons for losing a deal.

SunRoof had already implemented Pipedrive, but needed assistance with setting up the data structure and optimizing processes. They wanted to get the most accurate data from Pipedrive and identify high-value KPIs from low-value ones. In addition, SunRoof needed help with sales reports.

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