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Pest Control Services Protect Your Home

Often, there are many things that we usually do not take notice of until they become a noteworthy issue. Among these issues also lies one of the common issues of household pests. Many people often do not take this problem as a major one while busy doing other important stuff. You have bought a property in Adelaide but unfortunately without any inspection about the nitty-gritty details. Comes out that you are facing problems with pesticides in your home. Our Building and Pest Inspector team in Adelaide will work on the process of Pest Control Services.

The house inspection performed by our team is guaranteed along with rechecking. Our firm goes together with you through all the processes until the main problem has been resolved. We allow you to make the right choice for you in order to have a safe and secure future.

Significance of Pest Control Services

After taking the decision of having a property, the second most important thing to work on is saving it from being damaged in any possible way. Pesticides at your place can be considered as prime in this concern. These have the ability to ruin everything you have worked hard on. Below mentioned are some of the important fundamentals to take notice of these little creatures in your space.

Protects your property from harmful insects

Many small pests such as bed bugs, termite, cockroaches or even mice can harm your property in no time if you do not take notice of this problem. Once these pests enter any wooden object they can easily consume the wooden objects or walls from the inside. Our Pest Control operation will help to minimize the number of these pests in your place with the guarantee of not returning back.

Eliminating the cause of unhealthy disease and allergy

Most often, health issues most people face these days are also the result of pests in personal spaces which usually gets ignored. Skin rashes, skin infections, food poisoning, intestinal infection are some of the serious problems which can be counted in the list because of these pests. Pest Control management can control the spread of these diseases, and viruses which are dangerous for humans and animals.

Restrain from damaging of costly products

Our professional team for controlling pests will respond to every problem you have addressed. Without having further damage to your property by discovering the actual source of all the issues. Allowing you to get rid of the pests with our special services to safeguard your place for the future.


Services provided by Building and Pest Inspector Adelaide

The services given by our Pest Control agency have endless options available for our clients. We not only inspect pesticides but also identify the backend of the occurrence. We are a pride going beyond just the building inspections in Adelaide. Listed down are a few of the useful services we provide for your property in Adelaide.


  • Repost and inspect on the same day
  • Gives you affordable inspections
  • 24/7 availability of licensed tradesperson
  • Deals every time with the same person on contacting us
  • Experienced team members
  • Highquality excellent material
  • The free subscription on our helpline number 1300 is available 24/7 at any hour of the day.
  • Provides you specialists in home structure and pest inspection.

What Our Customers Say

We totally understand that reviews play an important role in customer satisfaction prior to choosing any firm. Here are the sayings of some of the clients satisfied by our work.

Raffaele Russo

Fantastic services, very informative, gave me absolute peace of mind. Highly recommend Jhon for every building and pest inspection.

Bexx Nx

Great services, very thorough and detailed report and was kind enough to work over the weekend. Very happy.

Karen Zhang

John is very professional and fast responsive. Great experiences and reliable services. Highly recommended!

Why Hire Building and Pest Inspector Adelaide

Building and Pest Inspector Adelaide are an Australian based company with vast experience in dealing with pesticides and building inspections. Proudly presenting our services of Pest Control in Adelaide and being NO.1 in people’s choice for pest and building inspection. Also becoming a member of the Housing Industry Association is our pride. Facilitating you with an experience of 27 years in Adelaide South Australia. We can fix any issue regarding your property.


We not only inspect the problem but also fetch out what causes the problem to be increased. Our inspection team will let you know all the inspection records carried out including pictorial form. We value the ease of our clients, our services are low cost and easy to avail. Call us now for free on our special hotline 1300 and get rid of all the extra beings in your property.

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