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Your mood gets off when you see the nasty acne marks on your face. You are about to get ready for a party when you see acne marks on your face which makes you unattractive. Every person on earth gets acne scars or pimple marks at some point of time. It has been observed that people who are between 18 and 30 are likely to get acne. For some people, acne goes away after a few days. For others, acne leaves stubborn scars which do not go away soon. When acne scars do not leave your face, then you have to opt for treatments which can be expensive. Use no scars cream for acne scars to diminish acne scars permanently from your face. 

Formation Of Acne Scars 

Acne does not become a serious skin condition, if you treat it at the right time. It is believed that acne is likely to occur in teenagers. But, the fact is that acne does occur to adults too. Certain factors such as clogged pores, menstrual cycles, environmental factors and stress can lead to the development of acne. Acne scars are formed when the acne blemishes get inflamed. Usually, the acne scars are shallow and the acne blemish is small which helps acne scars heal quickly. At times, the content of the blemish gets spilled out and spreads in the surrounding tissues causing deeper scars. During the process of acne healing, your body produces collagen. If your body produces collagen in a large amount, then the scars will be formed and they will be visible to your eyes. The best way to keep acne scars off your face is to use the most effective no scars cream. Using no scars cream on a regular basis will not let acne from scars on your face. 

How Do You Get Acne Scars? 

It is believed that you may not get acne scars even if you have acne. The good thing about acne scars is that it can be cured with the help of an effective no scars cream. You can get acne scars if you are at puberty. Owing to hormonal changes during puberty, teenagers are most likely to get acne scars. Some people are prone to acne scars due to their genes. Unfortunately, for some people, it is their genes which make them prone to acne scars. Is the acne more inflamed? If yes, then then the inflamed acne can spread and go deep into your skin which can further lead to scarring. If you tend to get acne flare-ups frequently, then you have a higher chance to get acne scars. It has been observed that men are more prone to acne than women. As men have androgen hormone, acne breakouts develop more in men than in women. When you see acne breakouts, you should seek treatment immediately from a dermatologist. The more you delay in treating acne, the higher will be the risk of scars.


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