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Non Network Licenses: Their Importance an the procedure to obtain them

Non Network License are telecom permits issued by the Department of Telecommunication. Mandatory for the dealers of non-networked wireless devices, it is a business certificate centred around telecommunication products. It is an important license whose value has increased ever since India started to incline towards pushing the telecom sector upwards. This blog talks about their importance and the way you can obtain them.  

When it comes to non network licenses, not much information is provided about them other than the fact that these business permits are issued for importing products and providing certain non networked service. It entails licenses for services that range from Operator’s license for GMDSS to COP Operators and importing and demonstration licenses for products.

Let us now understand the importance of this license and procedure to procure it. sakarya escort

What is a Non Network License?

A Non Network License is the authorization to import telecom products or operate using non networked telecom equipments. Provided by the wireless planning commission, following are the prominent non network licenses in India: Read More: TEC Certification

  1. Dealer Possession License
  2. Non Dealer Possession License
  3. Demonstration License
  4. Aero Mobile Station
  5. Maritime Mobile Station
  6. Operator’s licenses for the following:
    1. GMDSS
    2. COP
    3. Ametuers

Importance of Non network license in India

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The Department of Telecommunication is promoting non networked licenses in India. It is one of the few certifications issued by the WPC that has a viable notification available online. The reasons are as follows:

  1. Ensuring safety on the airways: One of the important non network licenses is the certificate to establish an Aero mobile station. It’s a facility that ensures that emergency services can be provided on time in aircrafts in times of disasters.
  2. Allowing only legitimate bodies to have telecommunication devices: By mandating possession licenses (DPL and NDPL License), the Department of Telecommunication ensures that only legitimate bodies have access to nuanced telecommunication devices.
  3. Ensuring demonstration of telecom products in a regulatory manner: The Department of Telecommunication allows exhibitionists to demonstrate telecom products by issuing them the demonstration license.
  4. Providing safety on ships: Many of the onboard emergency service on ships rely on interconnectivity of telecommunication devices. Therefore, one of the prominent network licenses is the permission o establish a Maritime Mobile Station. Read More: Cable Landing Station

 What  is the procedure to procure a Non Network License?

All the Non Network Licenses requires the applicant to follow the steps that are mentioned below:

  1. Furnish the documents that you require. The documents that you need access to are as follows:
    1. Certificate of incorporation of your company
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    3. Type of telecom product involved in your service
    4. Technical specification of the said telecommunication product
    5. Complete information regarding your financial background
    6. And other details that the WPC might require from time to time.
  2. Submission of the online application via the WPC portal
  3. Then, you need to deposit the physical copies of all the documents you furnished.
  4. The WPC will assess your application, the documents and the sample of the product (if your type of non network license requires it)
  5. If all the conditions satisfy, you will obtain the Non network license.


A non network license is an important telecom authorization. Even though people who are interest in it are in a  limit, it has gained the attraction of many entrepreneurs from various walks of the telecommunication domain. Thus, if you want to know more about this license, contact our Experts. Dealer Possession License

Non network licenses have always been a matter of interest for certain importers and service providers within the telecom domain. Read this blog to know the reason.

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