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My Trip To Moody Gardens

Tickets from Moody Gardens were provided to me in exchange for my review.

We visited Galveston for a week this summer. By chance, Tropical Storm Bill arrived on the same day as us. We worried that our trip would spoilt because of the intense wind and rain. The storm’s fiercest winds, however, avoided Galveston, so we only experienced a small amount of rain, pleasant temps, and few crowds. Actually, it was perfect. By the time the excursion was over, the sun was shining once more, and then we had a blast.

Moody Gardens Pyramids

Since the storm was still present and it was intermittently pouring, we decided to visit Moody Garden on our first day. We were unable to visit Moody Gardens’ water park due to the weather, but we did get to see all of the pyramids.

4-D Theaters

We could only visit each attraction once because we only had one-day tickets. My first attraction was a 4-D movie of Rio, which was immediately adjacent to the ticket counter. It was my five-year-first old’s 3-D movie. “Stick out movies,” she calls them. In addition to being 3D, the movie also had odors and moving seats. It was a 15-minute film made of edited fragments from the two Rio films about blue macaw parrots. Although there was a message of conservation not removing creatures from the jungle, it was not overt or in your face. It was humorous and lighthearted. It was fun for us all.

Rainforest Pyramid

We went to a Rainforest Pyramid after the film. It was, undoubtedly, my favorite. There was a great deal to see. A Giant River Otter was the first stop. Just observing how busy everything was was extremely calming. This would come & swim in the tank after being out in the rain. There had benches where people might sit and observe.

Then we arrived in the jungle. With a variety of plants, trees, flowers, and animals, it is lovely. Even monkeys are freely roaming the streets everywhere. Beautiful birds can seen flying around. It’s a fascinating experience.

You approach the rain forest from a high point and make your way to the base, where there are lovely macaws. I enjoyed seeing the leaf-cutter ants at work. A butterfly room was available, allowing visitors to get close to butterflies. They covered the blooms in a swarm.

Pitcher plants, which can see at the bottom of the ankara bayan escort image above and look like minor pitchers, were something I came across on the way to the bottom. They are plant carnivores! Additionally, there were Komodo dragons and fruit bats flying around. We discovered three lovely corpse blooms at the bottom. It smells so horrible, like a dead body, and they only blossom once in their lifespan. When we were there, they weren’t in flower.

Moody Gardens Restaurant

We then made a visit to the Garden Restaurant for lunch. Both a buffet and menu service are available. The food is conventional American fare, and the prices are typical of casual eating establishments. Beautiful views of the bay may seen. We each placed a menu order.

Kids’ meals are available with adult meals. On that particular day, the daily special is chicken fried steak. It was excellent. The spaghetti and meatballs were gobbled up by my youngest.

Moody Gardens Aquarium Pyramid

We moved on to the Aquarium pyramid after lunch. One of the seals captured the heart of my adolescence. The seal would position herself on the rock in the observation area upside down. She played endlessly with my daughter. Due to Miss Em’s persistent pleading to see “her seal,” we were unable to see the entirety of the Aquarium pyramid.

When we initially entered, there was a sweet staffer showing us a variety of water life, from anemones to starfish, in an open tank. We then made our way to the sharks. Even having your photo shot inside a shark cage is an option. There were several penguins, & they were swimming about and quite active.

Moody Gardens Discovery Pyramid

Once all was done, it was time to go to the Discovery pyramid. The brand-new, interactive SpongeBob SubPants 4-D show is located here. Until we went through it, I wasn’t entirely sure what that meant. However, there is undoubtedly audience involvement. Three children volunteer to operate the sub’s buttons. Patrick Star converses with some of the young people that assist him in guiding the submarine. He asks them for their names, addresses them by name, and converses with them. He provides the kids options for places we can visit in Bikini Bottom, and they get to choose one. There are interactive odors, and may even get a little wet! We all voted for this program as our favorite.

There are also traveling displays at the discovery pyramid. SPEED: SCIENCE IN MOTION, also on display until January 2016, was presented to us. Everything was interactive and extremely entertaining, it was all about Formula 1 racing. You may play racing video games, do physics experiments, or even test your ability to replace tires quickly. Nate & Mr. E enjoyed themselves there.

A paddle boat and an outdoor display of animatronic dinosaurs are also available. Since the dinosaur exhibit was housed beneath a big tent, we were allowed to view it. My five-year-old was terrified to death by them because they were so lifelike. Unfortunately, the weather forced the paddle boat to stop operating.

After, it was almost time for dinner, and we were worn out. But since the weather was awful, we didn’t even get an mamak escort opportunity to check out the ropes course or the water park, but we didn’t care. The activities at Moody Gardens are endless. I believe we all concurred that seeing Moody Gardens was the highlight of our trip. We can’t wait to return because it was so much fun!

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