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MBBS in Italy: Admission Procedure 2021

So the admissions process at the universities of Italy is easy and straightforward. The process to apply for MBBS to be completed in Italy is provided below for your convenience.

    • Complete and fill in the application form found on the university’s website.
    • Send all of your original documents and submit an application to the program of your choice.
    • When you receive the offer letter from the institution of your choice, you can take the printout
    • Inform your school about the time of your arrival to Italy

Top Universities in Italy

There are a variety of medical schools in Italy which offer MBBS programs for students from all over the world. Medical schools in Italy are part of The Ministry of Education, Italy, Medical Council of India (MCI), World Federation for Medical Education (WFME), World Health Organization (WHO), The Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) and Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) and offer globally recognized MBBS degrees. This is a listing of the top universities that offer MBBS within Italy:

Humanitas University

Also known in the form of Hunimed, Humanitas University is located in the city of Milano and is among the top medical institutions providing MBBS within Italy. From the six-year Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, and postgraduate degrees such as MDs and MDs, as well as advanced programs for training and doctoral programs The university offers an extensive range of courses in the field of Life Sciences. Medical students can receive specialized medical training in the Humanitas hospital, which is home to more than 400 doctors and research scholars , and 22 state-of-the-art labs and modern medical facilities.

University of Pisa

The university was founded in 1343. University of Pisa is a public university that comprises twenty departments and high-quality research centers that work in the fields of Computer Science, Medicine, Engineering, Astrophysics, Agriculture and the field of Veterinary Medicine. It is one of the best universities that offer MBBS in Italy due to the high quality research and academic opportunities available to students who want to pursue a degree in medical studies. Being affiliated to one of the Pisan Institutes of the National Board of Research and the National Board of Research, the university has strong ties with cultural institutions that are of international and national importance as well as IT companies in Italy.

University of Turin

One of the most ancient and most prestigious Italian educational institutions in the country, it is the University of Turin (UNITO) has 74,000 students. The university provides an array of diploma and degree programmes across all disciplines, with the exception of Engineering as well as Architecture.

University of Florence

Firstly the first time it was established as an Studium Generale (medieval University) in 1321 in 1321, in 1321, the University of Florence is a renowned academic and research institution that provides MBBS at the University of Florence in Italy. It became as an Imperial university around 1364. It offers a variety of classes in various areas of study like Agriculture and Education, Arts Medicine and Surgery, pharmacy, economics, political Science and Law, among other subjects.

University of Studies, Udine

So, universita Degli Studi di Udine ( University of Udine) was established by the Italian government in 1978 to be a private university. One of the most prestigious medical institutions providing MBBS in Italy and Udine is one of them. University of Studies, Udine also offers numerous exchange programs for students and staff in conjunction with the EU university, and currently is in close contact with many universities from Eastern Europe and other non-EU countries.

University of Milan

So, it is the University of Milan is among the few universities in Italy which is part of the prestigious League of European Research Universities. It is recognized as being the biggest university in Lombardy with over 65,900 students. Established in 1924, the university claims to be a culturally wealthy and offers a pleasant learning environment for students all over the globe. With eight different departments of medicine and more than 600 professors, this university provides top quality and advanced medical training . It is also among the top of the list of universities to study MBBS located in Italy.

Biomedical University of Rome

So, the private university established by the late Mr. John Sullivan in Biomedical University of Rome provides medical courses in the field. More than 1500 students worldwide to complete MBBS within Italy. The program lasts approximately 6 years .The school offers numerous facilities to study in and, most importantly, to conduct research.

University of Bari

So, it is the University of Bari offers a variety of postgraduate, undergraduate and doctoral degrees to students across the globe. With facilities that are world class this school is one to consider.

University of Bologna

Firstly, it is among the oldest universities listed in this list of colleges to study MBBS within Italy. Secondly, they are also well-taught enough to pursue further study and conduct research in their chosen area of specialization.

Eligibility for MBBS in Italy

It is necessary to have a minimum score of 50 percent in physics, Chemistry and biology. You must also have a NEET scores at least 50 percent. Since the courses offered for MBBS within Italy will be taught in English You will need take the the IELTS as well as TOEFL to prove your proficiency of your English language.

MBBS in Italy: Documents Required

      • Birth Certificate
      • 10th Marksheet
      • 12th Marksheet
      • Photocopy of Invitation Letter
      • 5 passport size photographs
      • Photocopy of Passport
      • Test results for COVID.
      • Bank receipt

Types of Visas

So, there are two kinds of visas that allow you for students to study MBBS at the University of Italy. These are listed below.

    • Type C Visa It is a short time visa, which lasts for 90 days.

Accreditation and Recognition

  • Ministry of Education, Italy
  • National Medical Commission
  • Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates
  • World Federation for Medical Education
  • World Health Organisation

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