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Mascara Usage Guide For Beginners: Types, Selection and Application

Mascara is vastly the major underappreciated eye makeup product. This potent eye makeup product does so much in one swipe: it lifts, curls, volumizes, and defines. And don’t underestimate the power of excellent lashes. Adding mascara to any appearance instantly elevates it -even if you wish to go makeup-free, a little amount of mascara quickly brightens up your eyes and gives you a formal touch. 

But poor mascara application will result in a heated mess and you might end up looking like a racoon. To avoid that blunder, here’s a guide that will help you solve every problem related to mascaras. 

  • Lash-Lengthening mascara 

A lengthening mascara can help you stretch your natural lashes if you have short or sparse lashes. Polymers composed of nylon and rayon are used in lengthening mascaras. The particles adhere to the tips of the lashes.

  • Volumizing mascara 

Increase the volume of your lashes without seeming overdone. A volumizing mascara defines the eyes without making it appear as if you’re wearing fake lashes. To get a more natural effect, use a second layer to darken the lash line—with or without liner.

  • Curling mascara 

Curling mascara has a thicker viscosity that helps to accentuate the natural sweep of your eyelashes. Curling or increasing the curl of your eyelashes makes your eyes appear larger. Concentrating on the centre makes the eyes appear rounder.

  • Lash defining mascara 

Lash defining mascaras are an all-in-one solution that adds volume and thickness to the lashes. This mascara coats each eyelash equally. Lash defining mascaras are constructed with color-rich pigments, filmifying polymers for added thickness, and rayon or nylon fibers for added length.

How to apply mascara 

Although mascara appears to be a simple product, it is possible to apply it incorrectly at times. Even if you’re a newbie, this simple lesson will help you learn how to apply mascara. 

To the upper lashes 

  1. Hold a lash curler at the root of your eyelashes and push it down while staring straight. You may also use your index finger to press at the base of your lashes. 
  2. Prime your eyelashes with a little baby powder. Simply put a q-tip or a clean, product-free spoolie into some baby powder. Comb it through your lashes to ensure a small coating of powder is present.
  3. Begin by applying mascara from the center of your lashes outward. Wipe off the excess from the brush, glance into the mirror, and apply it to your top eyelashes. As you apply, wiggle the wand to coat each hair from root to tip. Wipe away any extra substance on the brush.

To the lower lashes 

Applying mascara to the lower lashes might be challenging. If you don’t do it correctly, your lashes will seem clumpy and the makeup will spread across the lower area of your eyes. Furthermore, if you have dark circles, every error might accentuate them. 

Here’s how to do it correctly.

  1. Begin by putting a tissue beneath your eyes to prevent mascara from going into your eyes.
  2. Apply mascara from the center of your eye, just like you would with your upper lashes. During the application, use the tissue to keep the wand from contacting your skin. Tilt your brush vertically and coat the inner corners of your eyes with the spoolie tip.

How to choose a mascara?

 Here’s how to pick the best mascara for your lashes.

 We all know that a decent mascara is a must-have for every beauty enthusiast. Even on days when you’re wearing no makeup, a little swipe may do wonders. But are all mascaras designed for all types of lashes? 

Choosing the perfect wand and formula for your lash type is akin to trying to discover the right moisturizer for your skin – we know, it’s a time-consuming process. But you can’t transform your makeup into a totally new appearance unless you use the appropriate mascara.

  1. First, you must determine what sort of mascara you require. Your makeup usage on a daily basis will decide this. If you live in a hot and humid location or if your eyes are frequently wet, a water-proof mascara should be your first choice for a less smudgy effect.
  2. You must choose a mascara that goes along with your eye color. If you want to draw attention to your eyes, black mascara adds drama and flair to your eye make-up; alternatively, brown mascara works best for a natural look. Colored mascaras are also lovely, but they are more daring.
  3. Do not choose mascara if the aroma is too strong or unusual. If the texture is very clumpy, it might be an indicator that the product is of poor quality or has gone bad. As a result, when selecting your recipe, make sure it has a silky consistency and contains mineral colors as well as natural waxes.


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