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Lost car keys | what to do who can help

This can help in an emergency!

Lost car keys | Moments in which the circulatory system starts to get uncomfortable: the car key has suddenly disappeared and cannot be found. The question arises, what to do now? To be on the safe side, you should first check whether the car is still there to rule out theft. If the vehicle is still there and the spare key is within reach, moving the car to another, safer place is advisable. It significantly reduces protection against possible later theft.

If you cannot find the lost keys immediately, it should be assumed that it was stolen. The police are in demand because there is still a risk that the car will be stolen. That is very easy to do, especially with keyless systems. Must block these keys immediately via the authorized dealer.

Lost car keys – a case for the insurance company and the locksmith

If the key remains missing, the comprehensive insurance must also be switched on. A simple report via the hotline or online is sufficient. Otherwise, you risk losing your insurance cover.

If the car was stolen with the key, the relevant insurance company must clarify how the key was lost. If the insurance company determines gross negligence, this can lead to a restriction of benefits.

Get a new key

Lost car keys | Getting a new key as a replacement can be easy to expensive, depending on the vehicle and year of manufacture. Older cars with mechanical keys without an immobilizer have an advantage. Here you can make a copy of the second key. Modern keyless systems can be obtained from the authorized dealer and require additional technical adjustments. A total of several hundred dollars can be due here. Alternatives from the Internet are cheaper, but they can be problematic. These counterfeit keys are often sloppy and therefore do not work correctly. Teaching electronics is usually complicated and has already driven many a saver to despair.

Door opening on the car – this is how you can help yourself

A real moment of shock: You are standing in front of the locked car, the key is lost or is in the locked car. Good advice is, of course, expensive now, and the question is how to get into the locked vehicle. Under certain circumstances, you can open the door yourself, but in many cases, it is better to get an expert from the locksmith tampa to help.

Door opening with the tennis ball

An innovation, but almost a classic, which still works today in some vehicles, is the help of a tennis ball. The prerequisite is that the car’s central locking works with a compressed air system. Otherwise, this method will not work. To open the door: You cut a hole of about one centimeter in the tennis ball. Next, you press this opening onto the car’s lock and push the ball hard and jerkily. After that, the pressure conditions in the lock change, and the opening can be triggered. Since the principle has proven itself, air cushions are also specially developed for this purpose, which are even more helpful than the tennis ball.

When special tools are needed to open the car door

Special tools are required if self-help with the tennis ball has not led to success. With the help of so-called lock picking, you can open the different types of car door locks quite skilfully. However, it also requires real skill. You not only have to be highly skillful with the tool, but you also have to have precise knowledge of the existing locking system in advance. Lock picking is therefore not a first-aid measure for everyone but something for experts. In addition, such tools are not available everywhere since they can also be misused. They are distributed through several approved companies and are primarily intended for professional use. It also includes key services, like Emergency opening on the car, car key replacement tampa, etc.

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