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Learning About Lipstick And Custom Lipstick Packaging

Remember to read through these interesting facts as you gussy up today and stretch your hand to unwrap the vivid red lipstick in its brand-new custom lipstick box packaging. Although the current makeup trends show a dramatic lipstick fad, especially red lipstick, it is not a new rage. The Egyptians were staining their lips red long before us. Cleopatra was the first one to make red lipstick fashionable. She flaunted her lips in deep red tones, which became a fashion statement. Makeup for ancient Egyptians was a status symbol. It is common for Egyptian men to use makeup daily. The earliest record of lipstick usage shows that Sumerians were the first to use lipsticks. They had no concept of custom lipstick box packaging or any secret formulae to develop lipsticks and used natural dyes like;

  1. Henna
  2. Fruits
  3. Flowers
  4. Clay rust
  5. Insects etc.

Upgrade Lipstick Boxes

Although Egyptian women could not upgrade lipstick boxes, they indeed upgraded the lipstick to give them a glamorous touch by adding gem powder. They also added shimmer to their lip stains for exquisite looks. Egyptians loved loud makeup and flaunted colors like purple and black without fear. But there were serious risks associated with using these colors as they used harmful chemicals like iodine etc., that can be fatal.

Did you know that solid lipstick, somewhat similar to its present form, which we see on retail shelves in pretty custom lipstick boxes, was the invention of Abū al-Qāsim Khalaf ibn al-‘Abbās al-Zahrāwī al-Ansari, popularly known as Al-Zahrawi? He was a Muslim Arab scientist who got inspired while experimenting with perfumes. Little did he know that in modern times lipsticks would be available in various forms, solid, liquid, etc., in their enticing custom lipstick packaging, created to attract şişli escort customers.

Custom Lipstick Boxes

Today, women are trying different shades of red lipsticks manufactured by various brands, each differentiated from the other through custom lipstick boxes. They need to find the perfect tone of crimson that brings out the best in them, which they can rely on for beautifying themselves. Sadly, they did not enjoy this freedom always.  When the church was much in control and forced puritanical beliefs on people, women were forbidden from wearing red lipsticks. It was believed to be associated with Satan worshipping. Women who dared to flaunt it were labeled as witches. Red lipstick came back into the fashion world during Queen Elizabeth’s rule in England. But they were available only to actors, nobles, and, ironically, prostitutes. Imagine if you were born in those days, you wouldn’t find custom lipstick packaging with labels reading unique shades of red.

Box Manufacturing Company

Lipsticks were not always packed in custom lipstick boxes. Back in the nineteenth century Guerlain, a French perfume company, produced lipsticks commercially for the first time. This lipstick did not come in lipstick boxes. Instead, they were packed in silk paper. They were launched in cylindrical containers by Maurice Levy. After this, there was no looking back. It gained popularity, and its use became common. With time the texture, formulae, and shades of lipsticks evolved. More cosmetic companies started operating due to increased demand for lipsticks. As the number of brands grew, the companies started using packaging to differentiate their brands from others in the same category.

Custom Lipstick Boxes - Wholesale Lipstick Packaging Boxes with Logo

Brands and companies manufacturing lipsticks in the current times can enjoy countless benefits by selecting cardboard-based custom lipstick packaging for their products. It includes the use of custom boxes in product-specific dimensions. These custom boxes provide maximum protection to lipsticks during transportation, display, and even shipping. Powerful visual content is printed on these custom lipstick boxes to excite the customers and catch their attention so that they do not buy lipstick from another brand.

Putting resources into Custom Boxes

Whether you sell a solitary item or are omnichannel, putting resources into custom boxes will help your deals. Custom bundling can work on the presence of items, assist you with making verbal showcasing, and increment client dependability. Most shoppers consider the container that an item comes in to expand the brand. It ought to offer the buyer a pleasant unpacking experience. Custom boxes can assist you with accomplishing your deal objectives in both physical and online stores.

Putting resources into custom boxes for extravagant items can assist you with accomplishing this objective. In addition to the fact that a custom bundling lift can the worth of your item, it can likewise offer you the chance to show your image’s character. Extravagance internet business brands can utilize custom boxes to give their clients top-notch insight. These cases are solid and can endure delivery difficulties. You’ll likewise have the option to redo the items within them with your special fine art.

Cost OF Custom Boxes

When you request bundling boxes, you can utilize a 3D watcher to find out about the completed item. The cost of a bunch of 250 12″x12″x10″ boxes will go from $3.76 to $3.80 per box. Contingent upon the size, the expense can ascend to as much as Rs. 40-50 for every case. The sum you pay per box will rely upon a few elements, including the least amounts, prep charges, and transportation.

Also Read About: What is Perforated Packaging

In the first place, pick the printing materials. Most notable brands utilize a couple of Pantone tones. Utilizing a couple of varieties is generally the most financially savvy and effective choice. Each extra Pantone variety will add around 5% to the expense of printing, while metallic foil can amount to 30% of the expense. Pick the right printing materials and plan to guarantee that your custom boxes will stick out and be strong. Whenever you’ve settled on the materials, the subsequent stage is picking various plots.


The size of your custom boxes is a pivotal part of transportation. Significant transporter administrations ascertain postage costs by working out the layered load of the bundle. Picking the right box size can save your business a huge number of dollars on delivery costs. Furthermore, picking a more modest box can offer free delivery and increment your primary concern. Nonetheless, picking the right size is surprisingly troublesome. If you’re uncertain about the size of your custom boxes, here are a few rules to recollect.

You can mark your off-sized items by putting them on a level surface and mimicking how they would fit inside the container. To decide the specific size of your custom boxes, measure the most stretched-out piece of every item. Do this for each aspect, including length, width, and profundity. You should then add.25″ to the general aspects to consider bundling supplies. When you have the estimations, you can begin looking for custom boxes.

Custom Boxes Can Increase Your Brand Strength

If you have any desire to advance your image and draw in additional clients, it is an unquestionable necessity to mark your custom boxes. Marking is significant for both little and huge organizations. Custom magnetic boxes will improve your organization’s standing while at the same time getting a good deal on delivery. Besides, you can undoubtedly redo the cases as indicated by your clients’ requirements. Here are a few significant hints to mark your containers:

Before you print your bundling boxes, pick a decent variety plot. The essential goal is to make your items stand apart from the rest. You can select a variety that differentiations with your items’ tones. The shade of your crates ought to diverge from the printed plans’ shades. A strong variety would make your crates stand apart from the group. Assuming you want to print little text on your cases, you can choose a variety that is different from the print.

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