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Learn Filling In Eyebrows Like a Professional in 10 Steps

One of the most significant elements of your face is your brows. They attract emphasis to your eyes, are pretty expressive, and give your face depth. The entire brow is back, thanks to Lily Collins and Cara Delevingne. After all, more prominent brows are associated with youth, thus opting for fuller brows will make you seem younger. But what if you a) tweezed all your brows out in the 90s because you admired Drew Barrymore’s appearance, or b) are not gifted with brows? The solution is simple: filling in eyebrows. Pencils and powders perform wonders in bridging the gap.

You, too, can have perfect brows with only a few basic cosmetic methods! Here are some pointers to help you fill in your brows like an expert.

Filling in Eyebrows

filling in eyebrows

Step 1

Make sure your foreheads are spotless and dry before you start. It might appear straightforward since you would instead not start with wet or disgusting temples.

Step 2

Before you begin filling in your brows, you must first choose the best beginning place. Place a brush or pencil down the side of your nose and the inner corner of your eye to accomplish this. Your ideal starting place is where your brush or pencil reaches into your brow. If you have hair beyond this line, you should think about getting it removed. If your brow begins beyond this point, you may wish to fill it in softly to produce a better shape.

Step 3

After determining the best beginning position, you must choose the best finishing location. The outer corner of your eye should be at a 45-degree angle, and your brows should terminate at a 45-degree angle. We’re not asking you to use a compass to determine the optimal finishing spot. The whole procedure is significantly more straightforward. Angle a brush or pencil from the outer corner of your eye to the tip of your nose. Your ideal finishing point will be the spot on your forehead where the brush or pencil locates.

Step 4

Finally, before you can fill in your brows, you must first discover the natural arch in your brow. To do so, look yourself in the mirror straightforwardly in the eyes and line your brush or pencil corresponding to the external corner of your iris. Your natural arch is the spot on your forehead where the brush or pencil lands.

Step 5

It’s time to sculpt those brows. To acquire the optimal brow shape, connect the three locations we just measured in the previous phases (the beginning point, the finishing point, and the arch). Remove any extra hair outside of this form by tweezing, threading, or waxing. If your budget allows, get your brows professionally threaded or waxed now and then to ensure a flawless condition.

Step 6

Determine how you want to filling in eyebrows. You have the option of using a brow cream/gel, powder, or pencil. All three apply in much the same manner, except that the first two are done using a brush. Pencils provide a more defined look, while powders offer the most natural appearance.

Your filler should be as near to your original hair color as possible, and it should have a khaki tinge to it. Because everyone’s hair has a khaki undertone, a filler with a khaki hue will seem more natural. However, avoid getting one with a crimson undertone since it will seem false.

Never, ever, ever fill in your brows with a black pencil! If your brows are naturally black, use a dark brown color instead of black since black appears false.

Something else to remember is that assuming you have dull temples and pale tones, you might have to ease up them.

Step 7

Now it’s time to fill in your brows! Fill in any sparse regions of your brows with small dash-like strokes of your pencil to mimic natural hair.

Step 8

Use an angled brush and a similarly colored brow powder to define the curve of your brows further. The thought here is to cause your foreheads to appear even and not excessively done, so try not to fill unreasonably in the inside corners of your temples or make the completing focuses overly sharp. The curve and tail of the forehead ought to be the most particular, while the inward corners ought to be sparser and lighter.

Step 9

Brush through your brows with a spoolie to disperse the colors evenly and soften any sharp lines you’ve produced.

Step 10

Use a clear gel to brush through your brows to lock the hairs in place and establish the appearance. Although a colored product may seem to be the most excellent choice, it might get messy and undo all of your hard work on your brows.


Filling in eyebrows is one of those cosmetic processes where a little work goes a big way, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s easy to goof up. Follow the instructions outlined above, and there you go.

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