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Kukkutasana Yoga

Kukkutasana Yoga: Strengthen the chest and shoulders, bring balance to the body

Every person desires that along with being healthy, his body also looks attractive. And due to the paucity of time, he wants that by doing any one thing it can be achieved. And if it is possible with anything, then it is through yoga. Yoga is such an art that along with keeping you healthy, is also helpful in toning your body. Kukkutasana Yoga is a good posture for a healthy and fit body.

Like other yoga postures, this yoga posture is also very important for health. It saves you from many types of problems. By doing this asana, the arm, elbow, and shoulder get benefits.

It is also a good posture to maintain the balance of the body. At the same time, it also makes the body strong. Let us know about Kukkutasana Yoga in today’s article. Keep in mind that when you do this asana, your stomach should be empty.

Kukkutasana Yoga

Kukkutasana means poultry means rooster. While doing this asana, the shape of the body becomes like that of a chicken. That is why it is called Kukkutasana. In English, it is called Cock Pose.

Method of doing Kukkutasana:

  • To do this asana, first of all, sit in the position of Padmasana.
  • After this, move the right hand between the right thigh and the right shin, as well as the left hand between the left thigh and the left shin.
  • After doing this, take the hands down to the elbows.
  • Place your palms firmly on the ground.
  • Keep in mind that there is a distance of 3-4 inches between the palms.
  • Now while inhaling, lift the body from the ground as much as possible in the air.
  • After this, rest the weight of the body on the palms and keep your head straight and keep the eyes fixed in front.
  • After that breathe in slowly and release it.
  • Now maintain this position as far as possible.
  • Then while exhaling, slowly come to your first position.
  • In this way, one cycle will be completed. In this way, you do 4 to 5 cycles.

Benefits of doing Kukkutasana:

  1. Beneficial for the chest: By doing this asana, the chest becomes strong.
  2. Helpful in increasing appetite: By doing this regularly, the problem of lack of appetite and thirst is removed.
  3. Effective for stomach diseases: Regular practice of this asana cures all stomach diseases. Stomach diseases like ulcers, acidity, and problems like nausea are relieved.
  4. Beneficial in reducing belly fat: By doing this easy daily, it reduces belly fat. It reduces fat from every part of the body.
  5. Important in keeping the digestive system correct: Kukkutasana posture helps in keeping the digestion process right. If the digestion process will be fine then you will stay away from stomach-related diseases. Because most of our diseases are born from the stomach.

Precautions to be taken in this:

  • Make sure there is a gap of at least four hours between your meals and exercise.
  • These yoga asanas are ideal to do in the morning. But if you cannot practice yoga in the morning then the evening is also a good time.

If you want to explore and learn more about yoga poses, you can join a 100 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India.

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