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Know how Patients Apply for Medical Marijuana in Georgia

The State of Georgia also entered into the pool of states that legalized the use of medical marijuana. The Georgian government approve the law on the 16th of April 2015. Now the Georgia Department of Public Health is issuing medical marijuana cards to qualifying patients. As a Georgian, if you want to use medical cannabis, you have to follow legal procedures. First of all, you need to get full insight into the process of obtaining marijuana. You should know how to get medical marijuana in Georgia legally. So, it is essential to scan this post carefully to attain this useful information.

What do the laws say? 

In Georgia, the purchase and possession of low THC oil is approved for qualified patients only. They can get 20 ounces of liquid oil for alternative medical aid. But for this purpose, they need to have a low THC registry card. This card is issued by the Department of Public Health in Georgia. However, the medical marijuana laws in Georgia State differ from other states. The Georgian government does not allow the use of marijuana in leaf or hard form. It is also not allowed in the vapor form for medical purposes.

Here are some qualified medical conditions in the State of Georgia 

If you want to acquire and possess medical weed, you must have a qualifying medical condition. You cannot procure marijuana if you have a disease other than the listed conditions. For example, if you have cancer of end-stage. You are suffering from Parkinson’s disease, and HIV and it is in severe condition. You have an intractable pain that is not curable or easy to manage. There are also many other qualifying conditions that you can go through in detail. The basic purpose of this information is to let you aware of the qualified medical conditions. Hence, you are only allowed to treat and manage these problems with medical low THC oil.

Now, you must see how to get medical marijuana in Georgia without any fail?

Visit the State-certified doctor

Despite having a qualifying condition, you still need to visit a licensed physician in GA. It is an essential step towards attaining the medical marijuana card that must be completed. The physician will assess your medical condition and history to conclude whether you need weed or not? If you really need it, the doctor will provide you with a certification form. You must carry your medical records while visiting the GA physician. It helps the professional to check your condition thoroughly for better recommendations. 

Online application

The state has approved the online submission of applications for GA medical marijuana advantage. After getting a certification form from the doctor, you must submit the online application. You should apply under GA Department of Health low THC oil registration. Though, during the application process, you have to submit some necessary documents along with the application form. You must submit a clear Xerox of your driver’s license or other state ID card. You must submit the residency proof in Georgia. Submit copies of medical reports, and prescriptions for the qualifying conditions. The application fee for GA medical marijuana card is 25 dollars.

Wait for approval

Being an applicant for a low THC oil registry, you must keep patience. There are many applications submit on daily basis to the GA Department of Health. So, the approval may take time from days to weeks. But once your application is approve, you will get intimate by the concern authority. The authority will email the card to you that you can print and laminate. Remember, if you try to make any changes to the card on your own it may become void. 

Acquire medical cannabis 

Once you approved and received your medical marijuana card, you can obtain the weed legally. There are about 30 certified dispensaries in Georgia that you can find for medical cannabis. You can visit a nearby pharmacy along with the card and can get the recommended amount. For your health benefit, you can consume the medical weed as per your physician’s advice. It is vital to concern your doctor to set the dose amount as per your specific medical condition.

What is the age limit to become GA medical marijuana patient?

Well, it is good to attain the necessary information to prevent any legality. An individual who is seeking medical cannabis must have age 18 or older. The GA government does not allow individuals less than 18 years old to procure and possess medical weed. If you are under 18 but have a qualified medical condition then what? You can get a medical marijuana card with a legal guardian following the required process.

What is the law of marijuana cultivation in GA? 

As per the Medical Cannabis Commission, it is completely illegal to grow weed at home. You are not authorize to cultivate or sell it to anyone. If one is found with marijuana cultivating seeds, it is against the law. The GA State only authorize a few entities to grow, produce, and distribute marijuana among legal dispensaries.

The Final Summary

The legalization of low THC oil in Georgia is aiding many people suffering from medical conditions. The law is strict and require everyone to follow rules. You can possess the medical weed as per the required criterion and disobeying the law would lead to charges.

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