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Keep track of your website in the proper way and manage Google Ads campaigns

Running an advertising campaign using Google Ads is one of the best decisions you can make as a businessman to expand your audience and grow your business. That’s not only because Google Ads is the world’s largest and most widely used platform for online advertising. With the help of Google Ads, your business can reach a very large audience consisting of millions of people. Simply put, you create ads for your business and choose when they appear. And you can take advantage of this system even when you’re short on a budget.

Monitor Google Ads to save your budget

At current advertising prices, you always want to be sure of its effectiveness. Therefore, when launching an advertising campaign, website owners strive to make sure that nothing will interfere with its work. But even the most reliable websites become inaccessible from time to time. And system will block ads because the advertised website will not be available for scanning to the Google Ads system.

Monitor Google Ads to save your budget

Also, the system will block ads if the web page has errors or is configured incorrectly. At the same time, the restoration of the advertising campaign in this case is possible only manually. And this can be done only after the ads are re-approved by the Google team. And this, in turn, takes a lot of time.

Separately, it should be noted that a number of failures in the work of the website remain without Google’s attention. At the same time, even a short-term failure can stop an advertising campaign for a long period. Because, firstly, the webmaster needs to localize problems in time. Secondly, make a recovery request. And, thirdly, to wait for its execution.

Effective way to monitor Google Ads campaign

Google only pauses Ads campaigns on websites if they are completely inaccessible to users or if their access speed is very slow. If a website is available but not working as expected, Google will not pause its ad campaign. Moreover, in order to resume advertising campaigns, website owners need to contact Ads support. And then they will have to wait until he becomes active again.

Thus every website owner or webmasters need a reliable toolkit like HostTracker to track issues and prevent them from happening. You can easily set up a custom system to track your AdWords campaigns. And it will suspend Google Ads subscription automatically. And when a webmaster restores the stability of a website, this system will bring the ad campaign back online.

Effective way to monitor Google Ads campaign

General pros of website monitoring

Even a short-term unplanned shutdown or slowdown of the website leads to significant financial losses in addition to overpaying for a non-working advertising campaign. New customers stop coming. Moreover, old users and customers start leaving almost instantly.That is why it is very important to ensure the smooth operation of the website, its stability and high access speed. Thus, the website owner or webmaster must ensure constant monitoring of the website. Of course, this is not an easy task. Therefore, regardless of who is monitoring the website, it is better to use a full set of tools, such as the HostTracker service.

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