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Kawaii wallpaper – cute pictures for your pc

.Kawaii wallpaper – cute pictures for your pc

Fans of popular Japanese culture? So, you’ve probably heard of the kawaii phenomenon – a subculture of cuteness that has slowly taken hold of all aspects of Japanese life, from fashion to the arts. Or even if you’ve never heard of it, it’s without a doubt that you know the character of Hello Kitty – one of the first and most famous creatures in the kawaii universe, populated by all kinds of surfaces. Adorable imaginations. And besides, these lovely characters are so crazy that we will not hesitate to let them occupy the background of our desktop PC or phone to constitute a pretty kawaii wallpaper. Find below several cute wallpaper images inspired by the famous Japanese current.

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Kawaii, what is it?

Impossible to appreciate art or culture without knowing its origins! So, before letting you discover our gallery. Let’s find out together what kawaii is and the history of this extraordinary phenomenon. Like most extant subcultures, kawaii art has militant origins. Its appearance seems to date back to the 1970s, the post-war years, when the political regime was relatively rigid and the young Japanese, for their part – in search of their freedom and individuality. This rebellion will be marked by a return to childhood, a period of recklessness. Which will broadly inspire the culture of the new generation.

One of its reflections will present itself just at the level of writing in adolescents, particularly stylized writing, with rounded lines and several characters and unique signs, including stars, hearts, and others. These will soon be endowed with human traits. So these are the first kawaii creatures. Great merit should also be given to Japanese Manga comics. Already very popular among young people. Who also participated in this current appearance. Etymologically speaking, the term kawaii translates to the word “cute,” hence. The lovely character of these characters exudes innocence and purity.

Why a kawaii wallpaper?

The kawaii wallpaper is an obvious solution for a lover of Japanese culture and then a showing that one is a real fan. Better yet, it’s a way to refresh the background of your office with a cute design, ultra joyful and rich in color. In addition, unlike most of the rest wallpapers, wallpapers kawaii pretty exhibit negative space (vacuum, so to speak), so a guarantee that you will not have to spend hours searching for an icon in your office. Finally, there is a wide variety of equally cute patterns: animals, everyday objects, kawaii food, and even fairy creatures such as the kawaii unicorn, which is currently all the rage on social networks.

 Get started with kawaii drawing

Getting to know the kawaii universe through a wallpaper image is also excellent. The way to get started in the art of kawaii drawing. Since it is one of the most accessible drawing techniques to learn and master. The details on the heads are just as easy to reproduce. It’s not even uncommon to see some of them missing. Here is an example of an easy drawing for a beginner that requires only a few strokes of the pencils and no particular drawing skills. Get inspired by our kawaii wallpaper ideas first. And then feel free to try the kawaii drawing as well.

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