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Is it good to buy a used cars for sale in Dubai?

Buying a used car has been taken as a more reasonable substitute to obtaining a brand new model straight off the production line. Due to a worldwide slowdown in new vehicles production, as a microchip shortage, prices of used cars are increasing. You can consider ads regarding cars for sale in Dubai while buying used cars.

What should you look out for when buying a used car in Dubai?

What to be aware of when selecting a used car?

One of the significant factors when buying a used car in the UAE is making sure the vehicle is not at the end of its journey. It is difficult to get full insurance protection in the UAE for a vehicle that is more than seven years old. 

Be cautious while buying an imported car for sale in UAE without doing your homework into the vehicle’s history.

However, the solution is a case of inquiring the seller for the vehicle’s documentation number. In Dubai, various websites are available where the buyer can check if the car was involved in an accident by entering the VIN. There is advice to get a pre-purchase examination on the car you consider buying.

An inspection is unconditionally required if you decide to buy a used car, especially if it’s from a private seller rather than a dealership. 

Check the warranty:

Buying a used car for sale in UAE tends to come with a guarantee or warranty, but it is significant to check the small print. Having a guarantee is better than not having one, but you need to be cautious about what it covers. It is a delusion that having a car under warranty means if anything goes wrong; it will be recovered because of the warranty.

How to negotiate a price:

Negotiation is necessary for buying a used car for sale in Dubai, especially from a private seller. This region is known for having an exchanging economy. Seller wants you to negotiate on price and how positive you will often fall along cultural lines. Once you start the negotiation you can estimate to meet the desired price.

How to pay for a used car:

Many used cars for sale in Dubai and their dealerships offer help with proposing a payment plan, which will be sent to the bank for approval. Banks will then execute a credit check for the applicant before issuing the loan, which tends to be around 80 percent of the car’s value.

How to get insurance:

The cost of insurance in the UAE depends on numerous factors including the car age and the driver, driving history, experience, and the vehicle type. Don’t be hasty and buy the insurance with the lowest premium, instead of looking for extreme benefits. Avoid rapidly selecting third-party obligation cover; a complete insurance plan is the best option as it offers better safety.

How can you register the car in your name?

Dubai roads and transport authority will register the change of possession. Both the seller and buyer must show documentation to the specialist for completion of the transmission of ownership, in which charges are between Dh350 and Dh800 depending on the size of the vehicle.

Top tips for buying a used car in Dubai:

  • Check the age of the car, vehicle models older than seven years will be costly to insure.
  • Do your homework if you consider buying an imported car and check the vehicle has not been in an accident.
  • Pay for a pre-purchase assessment so that a professional can tell you what is wrong with the car, especially if buying from a private seller.
  • Discuss a fair price while remaining polite and respectful.
  • Choose the right insurance with a comprehensive plan.

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