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Is Group Study Effective?

Key Highlights of Effective Group Study:

  • The discussion is participated by every group member. This is the only way to have a productive discussion about live online tutoring so that students can take the benefits of the best online homework help. The member who is quiet during the discussion is not satisfied with the group or the topic does not interest him.
  • Listen carefully to each other during group discussions. Avoid engaging in debates during discussions. Interruptions should not occur during group discussions and live online tutoring.
  • Participants should have a ready-made topic of discussion before the group study begins. A healthy discussion and good exchange of knowledge are possible when all members are already prepared. Also, understanding the best online homework help is necessary,

What are the advantages of group study?

It is very beneficial to learn in a group setting since it offers many advantages. In times of stress and exams, some students choose group study as their first and foremost option. Here are some of the reasons they choose this option:


Usually, students who have to do their own self-study postpone it until later, just because they are lazy since that is the most likely reason. The student will not study properly if he or she is not enjoying studying in such a situation like they can take live online tutoring. However, due to the regularity of group study, in most instances, regularity can be maintained. As soon as the group starts organizing discussions, each member is required to regularly participate in the discussions. The students who are unwilling to study will thus be forced to study regularly even if they are disinclined to study. I would suggest that everyone in the group be disciplined enough to prevent people from using excuses for being absent for studies.

Creating a better learning and understanding atmosphere:

Though each student will not be able to grasp the grasp all the topics in the syllabus, some of them will be able to grasp, regardless of the fact that every student will not be able to grasp everything in the syllabus. Having this opportunity to study together in a group allows a group to be a very strong classroom experience for all the students. The members of the group can explain the topics they know well as a result. Even when studying on your own, there are some topics that are difficult to comprehend. This is why you should seek assistance. The study group may be able to provide you with assistance.

Views from Different Angles:

There are students who have different opinions than others. In the course of self-study, the student will only have one single point of view. Therefore, the student will only have access to a limited amount of knowledge. Moreover, if a student thinks in one direction, he or she might end up doing different things in a similar way. As a result, the student might become confused or will have the wrong understanding. The most successful case study in a classroom setting is one where the students discuss with each other their perspectives about the topic under discussion. Thus, creativity is increased in all students as this leads to their thinking skills being sharpened. Through this, students are able to imagine diverse paths that might be taken in dealing with the study topics.

Learning becomes fun:

The student might get tired of studying for an extended period. In general, self-studying becomes monotonous after a while. It is also possible for students to fall asleep while studying individually. Learning through a group study is not a burden; rather, it is a pleasure that is derived from having fun. Group discussions make learning more fun and enjoyable because students can debate the topics and exchange viewpoints.

Less Stress:

When it comes to exams, most students are very tense. Mostly, the students are very tense before the exams. In order to make themselves more relaxed during the exam period, they prefer to study in groups. It creates a more relaxed atmosphere. It helps students to decrease their stress levels, giving them a better chance of acing the exams.

Enhanced Communication Skills:

The process of group study encourages communication among the students. It is evident that an active discussion is taking place among the students. Discussions like these tend to boost the students’ self-confidence. These discussions also tend to increase the students’ vocabulary as well. This leads to improved communication skills among the students. It also helps in taking the best online homework help.

What are the disadvantages of group study?

As a result of the benefits that group study offers, there are also a few disadvantages to consider. A few of those disadvantages are as follows:

Lack of focus:

Frequently, the members of a study group lose their focus during the discussions and go off to discuss other topics instead of sticking to the topic at hand. This often results in a lot of wasted time and effort. It is not acceptable at all for the effective functioning of the group to waste time as the members meet for a very short period of time each week.


Occasionally, gossips are the only thing that happens at group meetings when members of the study group also form a social group in addition to the study group. Usually, instead of discussing the topics which were already decided for discussion, we end up debating random stuff rather than the topics which were originally decided. Consequently, study group meetings end up being ineffective and unsuccessful.


Taking into account that you will have to choose one topic from among several that is of interest to all your students, it becomes more difficult to choose the most suitable one. Oftentimes, this could lead to disagreements between the students. There may even be some people who leave the group when disagreements arise.

Unproductive Decision:

It may result in failure of the group if the timing, venue, and number of members, topics, or the selection of group members are wrongly decided upon. I know it is very difficult to make decisions regarding this matter. Many factors need to be considered before one is able to make a decision regarding this matter. Despite so much thinking, the decisions usually turn out to be failures because it is very difficult. Try to come up with some kind of a solution that many of the group members will be satisfied with.


Having fun while studying in groups is one of the best aspects of group learning and education. Although it should be stressed that the study group does not become just a fun or social group. As this is not the main purpose of the study group. Meetings should be limited to the topics like a business that have been agreed upon ahead of time. It helps in understanding the best online homework help. It should be the leader’s responsibility to maintain a disciplined atmosphere within the group at all times. The problem with group study is that if someone is very shy and is not able to interact with others, then it will not be the right choice for him. Therefore, the student should concentrate on live online tutoring while studying. A group study will not be fruitful for him, so he should not waste his time.

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