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iPhone 7 Screen Replacement Cost: Apple Repair Centre Versus Local Mobile Repair Centre

The iPhone 7 is already over four years old, and anyone who has had it for that long has likely seen it go through its fair share of cracks and scratches. 

Accidents happen, and while the iPhone 7 is more durable than newer versions (thanks to an all-metal body), more serious accidents can still result in a shattered screen or worse.

If you do end up with a broken iPhone 7 — whether it is due to a cracked screen, a dead battery, or water damage — you would have considered fixing it.

You basically have three options: try to fix it yourself, have Apple fix it, or get it fixed at a local mobile repair shop. While it may appear that repairing yourself is the most cost-effective (cheapest) option at first, Apple iPhone repair experts have the skills and tools to get the work done correctly the first time.

If the iPhone 7 is outside Apple’s 2-year AppleCare+ warranty, you will have to pay Apple’s out-of-warranty iPhone 7 screen replacement cost, which is comparatively higher.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace the Screen of An iPhone 7?

iPhone screens are the most common type of mobile repair since they are one of the most vulnerable parts of your phone. The cost of replacing the screen on your iPhone 7 might be less than you think. 

When it comes to determining how much an iPhone 7 screen replacement will cost, you have two options: either take it to an Apple Store or contact a local mobile repair shop.

When it comes to iPhone screen replacement cost, Apple is extremely upfront. According to their support website, Apple’s out-of-warranty iPhone 7 screen replacement costs $149 (or $29 with AppleCare+) and uses original Apple parts. 

Keep in mind that this does not include their extra site-visit service cost (which is only waived if you have AppleCare+ on your device). Therefore, expect to pay a little more in the end.

While all iPhone 7 comes with a one-year guarantee for hardware repairs, this does not cover cosmetic or accidental damage. AppleCare+ covers two occurrences of accidental damage (for a cost) and includes a $29 iPhone 7 screen replacement cost.

Is iPhone 7 Screen Replacement Worth It?

If something goes wrong with your iPhone 7 screen and it gets damaged, you have the option of replacing the screen or purchasing a new mobile. While both these alternatives are good, it really comes down to determining the cost of repairs vs the cost of purchasing a similar available model. 

Apple currently charges $149 for an out-of-warranty iPhone 7 Plus screen replacement, which is close to the total value of an iPhone 7 Plus. You could be tempted to buy a new iPhone 7 Plus at that price, or use the damaged screen as an excuse to upgrade to a newer model. 

But you can find iPhone 7 screen replacement at much lower prices. This is possible if you give your iPhone 7 to a local mobile repair shop. One of the advantages of going to a local mobile repair shop is that you may often get same-day phone repair. 


With our phones playing such an important role in our everyday lives, being able to get a speedy repair is a huge plus.

In such a case you either visit a local mobile repair shop that can help you get your iPhone 7 screen fixed fast while saving money on what would normally be costly repairs. iPhone 7 Screen replacement cost will be $149 if your warranty has expired and if you have not purchased AppleCare+. 

Furthermore, if there is any additional damage that prevents the replacement job from being completed, the cost may increase.

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