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International Long Distance License: Everything that you need to know

The International Long Distance service is a unique telecom facility that extends the abilities of an NLD operator. By connecting the point of presence of a national long distance operator to a foreign network, those with the International Long Distance License maintain the flow of traffic on an international scale. This blog discusses everything that you need to know about this license in India.

An ILD License is a telecom license that lets  you establish an international long distance station. It is a centre that connects a national long distance operator with a facility that is operated by a foreign network.

Although it is complex to understand, know that the services that this service provider facilitates has led to the foundation on which India’s telecom sector continues to grow. Read More: Difference Between Trademark and Design

But is that the extent of its importance?

What is the importance of International Long Distance Service?

Here are the reasons long distance service providers are important in India:

  1. Facilitating ISPs with bandwidth: Providing internet access has become easier. However, the internet service providers also have to rely on someone for the bandwidth. That’s where long distance service providers comes into play. They are the bandwidth suppliers that help the ISPs stay afloat.
  2. Extending the capacity NLDOs: India is now setting up several international ISPs all across the globe. They too require bandwidth and for that, they need the assistance of International Long Distance Operators.
  3. Monitoring international traffic: an international long distance operator doesn’t only carry and deliver international traffic, it also watches over them.
  4. Ensuring a steady growth for India’s telecom sector: While the conventional approaches of growth are something India has been taking for a long time, the International Long Distance Operators take an unconventional route. They bypass the long-term procedures by directly connecting an NLD with an international networking facility.

Because of its importance, the Telecom Department only allows those who meet the eligibility criteria to apply for the license to become an ILD Operator.

Who is eligible to obtain the license to provide International Long Distance Services?

You must meet the following criteria before applying for the ILD License:

  1. Have a registered company
  2. Meet the financial requirements
  3. And, possess the technical knowledge to run the ILD business.

What is the procedure to obtain ILD License in India?

The procedure to obtain ILD license in India involves the following steps:

  1. First, furnish the requisite documents.
  2. Submit these docs along with the online application
  3. Receive the letter of intent
  4. Fulfil the bank guarantee requirements and deposit the entry fees
  5. Sign the ILD License agreement.

What are the documents you need to obtain the ILD License?

Just like any other telecom license, the process is not complete without the right collection of documents. Thus, following are the docs you need to apply for the ILD License in India:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Memorandum of Association
  3. Articles of Association
  4. Technical specifications of the equipment at your ILD centre
  5. An information sheet specifying the ILD details
  6. Declaration in a requisite format.
  7. Net Worth certificate
  8. Audited Balance sheets


Here was everything that you must know about International Long Distance service license If you wish to know more, feel free to consult our experts. Read More: Promotion and Incorporation of Company

International Long Distance License is a unique telecom service in India. In this blog, we specify all the essentials that you must know about this business permit.

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