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Importance of Data Center Architect

About Data Center Architect:

The Data Center Architect is the home of computer power, storage and applications necessary to support business. The structure of the database is central to the information technology configuration, where everything is downloaded or transported. Proper design of data center infrastructure is important and performance, flexibility and flexibility must be carefully considered.

Another important part of data center architect is flexibility to distribute and support new services quickly. Creating a flexible structure that can support new applications in a short period of time can provide significant competitive advantage. Such a configuration requires careful initial planning and careful consideration in terms of port density, upload bandwidth layer, actual distribution capacity and subscription, to name a few.

Centralized data center architecture  based on a systematic approach, which has many components that have been tested and developed in recent years among the largest data centers in the world. A multi-step process is the basis for creating a data center that seeks to improve flexibility, performance, flexibility, flexibility and maintenance.

Responsibilities of Data Center Architect:

  • Controls technology (fixes, fixes, stores), e.g. standards and environmental standards.
  • It assesses the cost of the equipment and participates in the cost reduction process.
  • Perform exercise and agile practice through automation methods for automation.
  • Introduce practices and values ​​among team members and the community at large, ensure research, monitoring, problem solving, safety and more.
  • Coordinates with design and design, storage, project management and design to design and build sustainable product solutions for our customers, ensuring that updates, travel and distribution are involved in product programming.
  • It provides monitoring services support for infrastructure work, transporting equipment such as code and continuous submission and continuous delivery process.
  • L3 provides infrastructure support – participates in events and problem management.
  • Participates in the selection of hardware components.
  • Examine power / cooling systems and identify potential network performance problems.
  • Check and analyze the server, configure and copy it
  • Architect provides support for infrastructure and project lifecycle management.
  • Provides equipment for sandbox operation.
  • Develop and teach technology development with support team

Other Duties

  • Participates in troubleshooting, performance and configuration, DR testing, backup / recovery testing and more.
  • Examine power / cooling systems and identify potential network performance problems.
  • Check and analyze the server, configure and copy it
  • Make repairs to ensure the proper functioning of the electrical system.
  • Performs account management and system management by managing the capabilities of web servers as well as maintaining operating systems.
  • Participates in the development and testing of business development plans.
  • Participate in projects – translation. Hardware installations, application installation, automation, etc.
  • Manage capacity efficiently and implement policies to ensure that the operation of the system is well-organized and fully implemented, minimizing team costs as well as setting product management objectives.
  • Enthusiastic about important processes, such as emergencies, problems and changes, working in project management and distribution services. Support ongoing promotion and work in Adecco management.
  • Connect with standards, principles, and procedures to help you perform competently.
  • Create a positive story with a scoreline.
  • Avoid actions that could harm the user
  • Follow the principles of excellence and cooperation with other employees
  • Follow legal and internal policies as well as human resources policies, including corporate values ​​and corporate values

Technical and Educational Skills of Data Center Architecture

Technical skills:
  • The center engineers can test and diagnose errors as well as problems with network applications.
  • Technology and research, we ask for help and service development, such as data processing tools such as ERWin, Enterprise Archit and Visio, NoSQL, as well as technologies such as in-house, in-house, in-house answers, data processing, Solaris.
  • Great job with AutoCAD, Revit, Bluebeam and MS Office Suite.
  • Marketing management and consulting skills.
Business Skills:
  • Engineers often work with the support of the database as well as the sales manager to ensure that the framework is working properly.
  • The type of business an engineer expects is to create problem-solving by spending time-consuming time on human resources looking for unique and innovative solutions to data management problems.
  • It is possible to understand how a company operates, how data is collected and analyzed at the same time while keeping developmental changes in place.
Educational Skills:
  • Building Certificate
  • Electrician manufacturer in India
  • Displays a list of delivery of complex training services in India
  • More than 15 years of experience in a company with 7 years of experience in essential infrastructure work.
  • Codes, standards and source standards in the APAC area.
  • Great experience of European Parliament engineers.
  • Professional knowledge and experience in large machines and electrical systems.
  • Ability and willingness to think outside the box, find new solutions before and during construction to reduce costs without negative impact or reliability.
  • Excellent communication skills, attention and detail, as well as great quality.
  • Ability to communicate design rules effectively with external partners.
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks running at once.
  • The right to travel abroad.

Pay Scale:

Pay Scale varies depends on Company, educational qualification, technical skills and years of experience.

Freelancing Opportunities:

Field Engineer providing freelancing opportunities to engineers. Here you can sign up to get more opportunities to start career as a Data Center Architecture.

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