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How your Custom Cigarette Boxes Can Serve as a Branding Tool

Just like all other packaging boxes the cigarette boxes are made keeping in view the specific demographics of the target audience. The quality of cigarettes or the mere addiction of it is not the only factor driving the purchase behavior of smokers.  Rather, the outlook of the cigarette box is one of the most overlooked, and yet the most important factors which define the purchase behavior of the customer.

Talking about the demographics of smokers, they are generally very style-conscious. They would prefer the pack which defines their style the best rather than going for an ordinary one.

A cigarette pack with a classy look is more likely to attract customers than the one which looks average. The cigarette box manufacturers are well aware of the importance of custom cigarette boxes in the cigarette industry. That is why they give as much importance to the outlook of the boxes as is given to the quality of cigarettes.

Here are a few tips on how you can help your cigarette box earn more customers and beat the competitors by its classic look.

Be Careful about the Size

When it comes to designing the perfect cigarette box, the size matters a lot. The customers mostly preferred the cigarette boxes, which are compact. Do not go for oversized or bulky-looking boxes.

This also has to do with the convenience of carrying. That is why almost all cigarette manufacturing companies offer pocket-size cigarette packs. They should be compact enough to fit the pocket of the customer. Otherwise, it will be a great nuisance to carry a cigarette box.

Moreover, the size of the box should be such that it ensures a snug fit for the cigarettes. It should not be too tight to leave any finger space. The size should be such that it is easy to take out the cigarette and yet the cigarettes fit handsomely without a lot of free space.

Customization is the Key to Success

if you cannot stay unique you cannot stay alive in the market. The retail business today is all about having a unique identity. In other words, customization is the ultimate prerequisite for any brand. Without an identifiable and relatable pack, you cannot help your customers reach you, identify you, and find you on the crowded shelves.

When the customers are exposed to literally thousands of cigarette brands each day, how will they remember yours?

You need to have a logo of your own. A brand name and even the colors your brand wears are its identities. Go for the unique graphics with which your audience can recognize you effortlessly. They should be able to associate your brand readily with some specific graphics, pack shape, colors, and logo.

In other words, even the quality of your product comes later than the quality of your packaging. The customized packages attract the customers and incite action. It is only after that primary step that the quality of the product gets a chance. Have a professional, unique, personalized package if you want your audience to give quality a chance.

Finish It Well

No matter how high quality your printing is or how much importance you give to the quality of the material, unless you finish your boxes well, you cannot hope to attain a professional look for your cigarette boxes. Finishing makes your boxes look premium. It helps give them an air of luxury which is what the majority of style-conscious customers want.

The custom boxes manufacturers in USA offer a range of finishing options. You can select the one according to your brand’s character. Some of the common finishing options used by the majority of companies include the matte finish for a mature manly look, the shiny gloss finish to help you shine out your competitors. And some box suppliers also offer semi-gloss finish, spot UV, rose gold, and others.

A final coating helps make your boxes luxurious. Besides, it protects the printed text. It gives another protective layer to the box and keeps it from tearing too easily.

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