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How to Style our Exclusive Capsule(TM) Tiles

How to Style our Exclusive Capsule(TM) Tiles

This timeless selection of tiles features three distinct elements (furniture shops sunderland).

It works together to create a sophisticated Victorian-inspired look or on their own for a more modern look.

Reviving classic hues using an updated heritage color palette,

the Capsule(TM) Collection offers a wide range of colors available in three different styles,

each exclusive to Walls and Floors.

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Created to be a perfect match for modern and traditional interior design styles,

Capsule(TM) Tiles have an opaque, deep glaze that dries away from the edge of the tile creating a puddle look.

Luxurious in appearance and feel.

Capsule Collection ceramic wall tiles are available in a variety of vibrant colors. shades

Available in six shades,

Our Capsule(TM) Collection’s contemporary, traditional color palette allows these

striking tiles to blend with various patterns, colors easily, and styles.

The Capsule collection’s wide variety of tiles colors in contemporary heritage palettes with vibrant shades

How do I design Capsule(TM) tiles

These gorgeous tiles are highly flexible, and you can style them any way you like!

We’ve selected a few of our favorite ways to design Capsule(TM) Tiles that will help you with your

next interior design idea.

Ceramic tiles of the Capsule Powder Room are dusky pink with beveled edges and a deep

translucent glaze with a puddle-like effect.

1. Create contrast

One of the easiest ways to create the visual appeal of any room is by using contrast.

Combining two colors in a single space is a simple method to bring balance and harmony to your space.

The utilization of dark and light colors is the most well-known method as this timeless contrast gives an elegant

appearance that adds character to a space.

The contrast between bright and light colors can create a striking appearance.

Below is the Capsule(TM) Kalami Bay Bevelled Tiles are distinguished by the light color of the

white paint shining through the glossy finish that is only amplified by their unique beveled edges.

Capsule’s vibrant blue clay bay square tiles that contrast in wall featuring white-painted walls a white,

gray marble countertop

2. Match it with a pattern

The vibrant palette is an excellent match for striking, unique wallpaper designs to create a striking look at home.

Here, Capsule(TM) Victorian Green Bevelled Tiles are combined with a monochromatic

wallpaper that features an intricate safari pattern.

The white and black colors in the wallpaper permit the tiles in green to stand out as the

show’s main attraction while creating a sense of entertainment.

Capsule Victorian ceramic tiles in green with beveled edges and transparent glaze,

paired with white and monochromatic grey safari-inspired wallpaper

Our Capsule(TM) Kalami Bay Tiles complement this stunning jungle wallpaper below.

The green and blue colors featured in this wallpaper have been brought out by the

deep blue shade of the tiles, giving an exquisite and harmonious appearance.

We are awestruck by the addition of Capsule(TM) Kalami Bay Moldura Tiles,

which creates a clear distinction in the design between the two components.

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Kalami bay, bright blue ceramic square tiles featuring a vibrantly colored jungle wallpaper

3. Include a splash of color

The Capsule(TM) collection’s contemporary historical color palette makes it possible to go

with various colors, patterns, and styles.

Incorporating a different vibrant shade into the mix can result in an eye-catching,

dramatic appearance that will captivate admiring guests,

like the vibrant bubblegum pink below, which is paired by our Capsule(TM) Victorian Green Tiles.

Colorful and vibrant hallway display using ceramic victorian green tiles with bright pink painted

walls as well as marble effect in white and black checkerboard tiles

The Capsule(TM) Mallo Tiles are ideal to use as the basis for any design scheme in the interior because their

light color is well-matched with a wide variety of patterns, colors, and designs.

The addition of brightly-colored furniture, paint, or decor can create an

impressive contrast that makes the white tiles sparkle and the colors make a splash.

Capsule white small square tiles with a green countertop

4. Make it unichromatic

Monochromatic color schemes make an elegant style statement in any room they’re placed in.

A few of the well-known variants are black, gray, white, and grey; however, vibrant colors are equally effective.

Capsule-inked deep blue tile with beveled edges and a deep transparent glaze.

They are coupled with blue painted walls to create the look of monochrome.

This time, we’ve utilized one of our Capsule(TM) inked Tiles, Capsule(TM) Inked Bevelled Tiles, and

Capsule(TM) Inked Moldura Tiles along with blue paint that has a lighter hue.

The two together create a tranquil and unified look.

Capsule deep blue tile with beveled edges and a dark translucent glaze.

They are paired with blue-painted walls to create an unichromatic appearance

5. Make sure it’s neutral

Let the Capsule(TM) tiles the center in the room by incorporating other elements of

your room in neutral, light tones.

Below the picture, you can see our Capsule(TM) Victorian Green

Tiles have a lot of personality and charm in an intense green shade.

Natural white walls and wood flooring are subtle accents to the space, allowing the vibrant colors of the

tiles to shine.

Capsule Victorian green square ceramic tiles, with moldura dado border and neutral walls that are

light-colored and have natural wood-effect herringbone flooring

Below the picture below, our Capsule(TM) dijon tile is matched with white furniture and walls

and natural stone floors, and a wood countertop.

The warm yellow color of the tiles gets to shine thanks to the neutral shades surrounding the tiles.

We enjoy the addition of Capsule(TM) Bevelled Tiles from Dijon on the bottom

as they add a lot of interest to the space.

Capsule dijon yellow square tiles that have a border of moldura dado and a deep, translucent beveled edge, with

a neutral-toned paint and a natural stone flooring

6. Mix and match

The tiles in this collection go with a range of colors and patterns, but they complement one another!

Capsule tiles in six contemporary, traditional colors, arranged in a line, with a translucent,

deep glaze and beveled edges.

Below, we’ve utilized the Capsule(TM) Dijon Tiles and Capsule(TM) Dijon Bevelled Tiles

in a vibrant bathroom design,

paired by Capsule(TM) Inked Bevelled Tiles to create a border at the bottom,

and Capsule(TM) Inked Moldura Tiles that run through the middle.

The combination of the two adds depth and contrast for a unique style for your home.

capsule tiles mixed in two shades dijon tiles in yellow as well as dark blue-inked tiles that have beveled edges,

contrasting and dimension

7. Give a little glitz

The rich color palette, sleek form, and seep, translucent glaze look

stunning when paired with luxury elements like gold and marble.

Below, we’ve utilized the Capsule(TM) Powder Room Tiles, Capsule(TM) Powder Room

Bevelled Tiles as well as Capsule(TM) Powder Room Moldura Tiles in conjunction in

conjunction with the Ruscello Matt Gold Marble Effect Tiles.

The subtle gold veining of the marble is perfect to complement the deep pink tone in the floor tiles.

We particularly like the diamond-shaped display on the splashback because it provides an

additional, delicate touch of luxury to the space.

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Dusky Pink square ceramic tiles have an opaque glaze that is deep and beveled edges.

They are paired with gold-plated features along with Russello gold matt tiles.

Below the picture below, our Capsule(TM) Victorian green beveled

Tiles have been set up in a diamond-shaped arrangement with a traditional white and gold bath.

This is because the Victorian aspects of the tile and taps come together to create a

luxurious appearance that deserves attention and admiration.

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