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How To Set Lawn Care Pricing

When setting prices for lawn care services, the amount depends on the time it takes to complete the work and the number of workers needed. You should multiply the hours by the labor cost per hour, including the employee’s wages and expenses. If a job requires 12 hours of labor for $25 per hour, you should charge $300. Your price also depends on the cost of new materials and products.

Profit Margin

It is important to set the right prices for different services in the lawn care industry. Lawn care estimates Arlington, VA should be adjusted by the complexity of the services, the required supplies, and the effort involved. Pricing all services under the same bracket will reduce your profit margin and raise operational expenses. In addition, the area where you offer your services also affects your profit margin. For example, urban areas have high labor and material costs and require a higher profit margin than suburban areas. In addition, the costs of labor and supplies are relatively low in the suburbs, which means you can charge lower prices for service delivery.

A proper profit margin should be around 15 percent to 45 percent. To achieve this, you must know how much you spend on operations and materials. Once you have these details, calculate your overall sales price. Add a reasonable profit margin to that number.

Yard Size

It would help if you considered several factors to set lawn care pricing based on yard size. First, measure your lawn. Taking into account the size of the yard, you should be able to determine how much time you will need to cut it. After estimating the time needed, you should determine how much your lawn will cost.

A larger yard will cost more. This is because it takes longer to maintain a large lawn. However, a smaller lawn will cost less per square foot. Another factor to consider is how many customers you have. You may want to charge different rates for different sizes if you have many customers.


Whether you hire a lawn care company for regular or sporadic maintenance, the frequency of visits to your yard will affect the price of your service. For example, if your lawn grows too long between mowings, it will cost more to maintain it, which makes it essential to keep it cut regularly. Fortunately, many lawn care companies offer discounts to customers who sign a long-term contracts. For example, some may offer as much as a 25% discount if you agree to have them visit your yard regularly.

Contacting three or four providers is recommended if you’re looking for a lawn care company to maintain your lawn. Some companies list their prices on a service basis, while others bundle multiple services into one low price. In either case, you should be sure that your contract clearly outlines what you’ll receive, what you’ll pay, and how frequently they’ll come back to your lawn.

Overhead Costs

One of the most important aspects of a lawn care business is determining how to set overhead costs. The main cost of lawn care is labor. When you hire a crew of people, you pay for their wages. Therefore, to justify the prices you charge, you must consider the number of employees. Also, it is important to consider the hours the crew will need to complete the work.

Besides the wages, vehicle and equipment costs are also considered overhead costs. Budgeting for these expenses allows you to build them into projects.

Contract Length

In any business, a contract is essential when setting prices and terms. You should know your expectations and terms, including any penalties for missed or late payments. Contracts should also include a dispute resolution process for either party. This is especially true for commercial lawn care businesses, where clients may have various issues, such as budget cuts or management changes.

While you may not be able to close 100 percent of estimates, there are many ways to get more clients and set your prices. The first step is to know the value of your time. Make sure to track the time and expenses associated with your lawn care services.

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