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How to Obtain a Catering Business License in Dubai?

Dubai, one of the most preferred tourist hubs, is home to world-famous delicacies. Besides, it is a well-recognized destination for weddings and other grand events. As a result, the demand for good catering companies and the food sector is relatively high in Dubai. Hence, stepping into the food business and acquiring a catering license in Dubai can be a highly lucrative entrepreneurial opportunity. 

Dubai is a renowned spot for tourists, and global events and also a home for people from different parts of the world. Apart from enjoying outdoor activities, people love hanging out in eateries and exploring new cuisines and recipes. The multicultural inhabitants and flavor buds indeed hype up the food business here in Dubai.  

Nevertheless, before making such a big decision, one must follow a code of conduct and acquire some basic information about this particular business sector. So, this article will guide you through all that you need to know about your catering Samsun Escort business. 

Benefits of acquiring a catering license in Dubai

  • Easy setup process 
  • Opportunity to attend global events in Dubai 
  • Tax benefits 
  • No minimum capital requirements 
  • Liberty to trade in different locations
  • Fastest-growing economy 
  • World-class infrastructure 
  • Other free zone benefits 
  • Opportunity to work with government bodies 
  • No restrictions on foreign currency
  • Low custom charges 
  • Multiple options for business activities 
  • Allows multiple visa applications 

Essential factors for starting a catering business in Dubai

  • Target audience

While starting a catering business in Dubai, you need to set the target audience to whom you will cater. It should be your main concern to create a plan and determine the target market. In fact, the target audience along with the nature of the selected catering activity will define your menu. So, once you narrow down the audience, it will help you shape many other things, such as the menu, the dishes, the offers, etc. 

  • Accepting orders

Now that you have fixed the audience for your catering business, how are you planning to accept the orders? Well, there are multiple options to accept orders from the customers, such as telephones, walk-ins, online, etc. However, the business owner might have to bear additional costs for certain requirements depending on the medium they choose for taking orders. For instance, for taking orders online, they will have to develop an app or website which can be a costly affair. On the other hand, the walk-in method requires physical office space. Above all, and most importantly, the business owner must procure a catering license in Dubai to operate his catering business as well as offer delivery services legally in the country. 

  • USP 

USP refers to the Unique Selling Point, that differentiates your business from your competitors. Hence, you need to identify the essence and uniqueness that makes your product or service better than competitors and thus attracts more customers. You might also need extra permits for certain activities. 

  • Business plan

Apart from catering activity and method of selling, the business plan for your catering business must also include the overall budget you would need to run your business efficiently. The inclusion in the budget could be the cost of equipment, supplies, bills, remuneration of staff, etc. 

  • Marketing plan/strategy

Once your food business is all set to take off, it is equally important to market your food in order to receive more positive feedback and responses. Marketing your catering business is as important as preparing and serving food to the customers. There are various ways to advertise your business. For example, traditional brochures, business cards, and the most popular online promotion. Digital marketing might help you to grab more customer attention as it is the most common as well as the fastest mode of advertisement. Hence, you can promote your catering business through social media and other websites to connect with the masses. 

  • Food permits and licenses

Acquiring a catering license in Dubai is very important before you start off with your catering business. Hence, you must approach the Department of Food and Safety, the Department of Economic Development, and other concerned authorities as well to acquire the required permit for your business. 

Requirements for a catering business in Dubai 

  • Get a permit from the food control department to start a food business in Dubai 
  • Register the company in the Department of Economic Development(DED) 
  • Get proper approvals for the trade names
  • Valid copies of owners’ passports 
  • Find a trustworthy local resident 
  • Draft and sign the Memorandum of Association(MOA) 
  • Get necessary approvals from the Dubai Municipality and other agencies

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How to register a catering business and secure a catering license in Dubai?

  • Select a business activity

There are several subsectors in the catering business. Hence, you need to decide what you wish to offer to your potential consumers. 

  • Pick a location

You have to select a location where you want to carry out your catering activities. Further, on the basis of the selected location, apply for your catering license either to the Department of Economic Development (DED) or the respective free zone authority. 

  • Reserve a company name

When it comes to naming the business, UAE is very strict with its rules. For instance, your business name should reflect the business activity and also be available for registration. Furthermore, avoid using foul words or the name of any religious entity. 

Shuraa business setup consultants can assist you in this process, ensuring that your business name abides by the law. 

  • Determine the legal structure of the company

In order to form your catering business in Dubai, you must choose a legal company structure, that will enable you to determine the amount of control you can have over the business along with the responsibilities. 

  • Draft a business plan

To get approval from the food control department of Dubai, you need to present your business idea to the authorities. This must include all necessary information about your catering business including the floor plan, entrance and exit details, windows and ventilation, storage areas, and equipment you will use for processing and cleaning. In short, make sure to meet all the obligatory regulations in the UAE’s ‘Food Code.’ 

  • Submit the license application

After completing all the above steps, you can now apply for your catering license in Dubai. However, you may primarily need a professional license as well as a trade license to trade a few items for your business. Hence, to acquire these licenses, you must submit certain documents along with the application request. 

Get in touch with the experts of Shuraa to gain more knowledge on the documentation and application procedure for a catering license. 

  • Lease a kitchen

Once you get approval for your catering business, you will need a dedicated space for preparing your food as well as storing the food items. Hence, to fulfill this purpose, you can rent or lease a space for the kitchen, based on the business size, audience, food requirements, equipment, etc. 

  • Open a bank account

Like any other business, you will need a corporate account to receive timely payments for your catering services. This account will also help you keep track of your financial dealings. 


No matter what business you set up, you are required to submit authentic and relevant documents to the concerned authorities to validate your venture. Similarly, to acquire a catering license in Dubai, you need to present the following documents: 

  • Passport copies of the shareholders
  • UAE entry visa of the shareholders 
  • Passport-sized photographs of the shareholders 

Cost of catering business in Dubai

The overall cost of starting a catering business in Dubai depends on several factors such as license fees, location, catering activity, mode of delivery, etc. Therefore, estimating the exact cost might be impossible. However, this business idea can be a one-time investment with lucrative profits if you frame the right business plan and growth strategy. 

Start your catering business with the help of Shuraa Business Setup! 

Reach out to us at +97144081900 or drop an email at info@shuraa.com.  You can also send us a WhatsApp message at +971507775554 and get answers to all your queries.

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