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How to Get Assistance in Academics When Student Got Stuck

We have heard from our elders that school life is the best time in everyone’s life. They are free to do everything; they have no responsibility on their shoulders, but we realized this thing when we passed out from this age period. There are so many stages in student life when they feel sucked and stressed due to study pressure and hectic routine. We all have to struggle in our school lives and our future lives.

As human beings, we have to understand this thing that we have to push ourselves in hard times. You can understand with this example when pandemic has been introduced, and we faced lockdown period in this time students have to face many difficulties. They have no idea about the online classes and online exams. They felt stuck in this time and wondered, can I pay someone to do my online class because they were afraid to fail their exams. In school life, many times, students felt stuck in many conditions. In this time, teachers play an essential role in taking out students from this stuck feeling. There are some tips that teachers have to follow to make students’ life comfortable.

Try To Give All the Answers Of Students Questions:

Teachers can’t focus on specific students when each class has forty to fifty students. In this condition, teachers have to make strategies to easily focus on each student. Teachers can make some class participation activities in which every student has to take part. Due to students’ performance in this activity can easily verify those students who are weak in their studies. Then they start working on their weaknesses.

Because most of the students are very shy in sharing their problems, they struggle with this problem, and if teachers did not help those students, they would face many difficulties in their future. The teacher’s responsibility is to provide their students with self-confidence about asking any question without hesitation. Because they were okay with this stuck feeling at some time, it will make trouble for them in the future.

Try To Build Self Confidence In Your Student:

Many teachers use this strategy to give only five to ten seconds for students to give the answer to their questions. If they cannot make it, some teachers insult them in the whole class, where students lose their self-confidence. When students are used to this insult, they will always be stuck in this feeling and never come back with confidence.

Teachers are significant in students’ life. They can build some skills in students’ personalities. They can give them strong confidence by supporting them, by giving them some time to complete their answer. If they give the wrong answer, try to correct them politely, or not shout at them in the whole class.

Teach Student How To Manage Time:

Most of the students cannot tackle classwork or homework in a day. They have a problem managing the time. Teachers support those students who have this problem by providing them proper timetable and giving them some good advice about time management. When students get this behavior from their teacher, they are encouraged to work on it and increase their self-confidence to share their actual problem. When students have a proper schedule for their day, then they have no excuse for not completing their homework.

Make Students think In different Directions:

Student struggles to understand some topics, but they try their best, but they still cannot understand the concept. Teachers try to deliver their lectures in another way that relates to their practical life. In this way, students easy to understand the topic concept. They also advised their students to find the answers by themselves try to think of every possible solution to the problems. This practice help students to take out from every stuck condition by themselves. This will help students in the future because there will be no teachers available to help them in the future.

Never Shout On Hand-Raisers:

When students are stuck in understanding the teacher’s lecture during the class, they can only raise their hand and ask a question related to the lecture. Sometimes teachers shut down the students rudely, which shatters them, and they will never try to ask a question if they cannot understand the concept.

Teachers always have to support their students and increase their self-confidence because it is the best time to work on a student’s personalities development. In the same way in online learning, students were stuck on managing online classes. They have no idea about the online classes. Some students think to find a way to get someone who can do my online class for me due to no experience about the online classes. This is the time when teachers have to support their students.

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