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How to establish a society in India?

Society Registration allows you to establish an association of individuals working together towards a common goal. Those goals include promoting charitable activities such as music, culture, sports, religion, education, etc. This article explains the procedure to establish a society in India. 

Society is an entity that exists under The Society’s Act. This act lays the regulations to govern and register a society in India. Furthermore, it also lays the foundation to help this entity provide social welfare services including, literature, art, music, science and more.

The Society’s act came into being back in 1860. Since then, all the states in India have accepted it without any amendments.

Let’s discuss how you can establish this association in India.

First, you must know the purpose of society registration.  Read More: CDSCO registration

You don’t establish a society to do business. Your Society’s job is to promote social welfare activities. Therefore, before you take one step towards incorporation, you have to understand the purpose of your Society. Following are the reason behind its incorporation:

  1. Promoting fine arts
  2. Establishing political awareness
  3. Giving Charity
  4. Promoting literature and scient
  5. Establishing military orphan funds
  6. Maintaining or founding publics of museums
  7. Dispensing education among children and adults
  8. Collecting natural history
  9. Aggregating inventions, both mechanical and philosophical and safeguarding them

Once you have found the reason for establishing an association, you must move forward with society registration.

Steps to incorporate a society in India

Here are the steps that you must take to incorporate an association of people:

Select seven members: Your first to establishing a society is to collect seven members. They can be Indian or foreigners. But, in the latter case, you must get a complete background check before installing them in the association.

Decide upon a suitable name: The title you choose for your Society to accentuate its purpose. For instance, if you want your association to provide free food for children, you must give your Society a name akin to “feeder” or a “giver”.

Draft a memorandum of Association: After giving your Society a name, you must write its purpose. The document you will put those details on is the Memorandum of Association. It includes the following information:

    1. Name of the members,
    2. Address of the members
    3. Contact details of the members,
    4. By-laws of the Society
    5. Objectives of the Society
    6. Rules that your association will follow to remove or appoint a member Read More:Trademark Infringement

Notarize the Memorandum of Association

After all the members have looked at and agreed with the MOA, you must get it notarized by one of the following officials:

  • . Notary Public
    1. Gazetted Officer
    2. Chartered Accountant
    3. Oath Commissioner
    4. Advocate
    5. Magistrate First Class

Furnish the required documents: The documents you need to establish a society are as follows:

  • . Cover letter to convince the state department to incorporate your association
    1. Copy of the Memorandum of Association
    2. Document stating the rules and regulations of your Society
    3. Address proof of the registered office of your entity (No consent from the owner of the space if your office is on rent)
    4. An Affidavit signed by the Company Secretary stating the relationship between the members of the Society
    5. Minutes of Meeting of the event where you decided to obtain society registration

Submitting the documents to the state department

Submit the docs to your state department. No online procedure exists yet for registering a society. Thus, you need to deposit the required documentations physically.  Read More: Trademark Assignment

Get the Society Incorporation Certificate: After assessing your application, the state department will issue the certificate of incorporation to you.


Establishing a society isn’t easy. However, the steps are simple. Therefore, once you understand them, consult our experts. Registrationwala will incorporate your Society in India.

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