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How to Develop a Custom WordPress Theme?

WordPress is a famous open-source content management system (CMS) used across the globe. WordPress is used by more than 40 percent of websites. With the support of sophisticated WordPress software, you can also use this platform to build a strong online presence and easily establish your business online. WordPress is an obvious choice and the easiest to get started with. That is why every developer recommends using it as the base of your website. What Is the Best Way to Make a WordPress Theme? PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML are all used to create WordPress themes. Many business owners do not have any technical knowledge, so they prefer to have WordPress development services. In this blog, we will discuss how to develop a custom theme for WordPress.

What are the Prerequisites for Developing WordPress Themes?

There are two options for the WordPress developer to develop a WordPress theme:

  • Manually: If the business owner has knowledge about coding, it is easy for them to develop a website. 
  • Automated: One can create a WordPress theme with the help of the WordPress Page Builder Plugins to create custom page layouts, but some of them are very limited to single-page layouts.

How to Create a Custom WordPress Theme?

Many entrepreneurs consider the cost of custom WordPress theme development to be very high, so they prefer to use a theme framework or WordPress theme builder to create their own unique theme. SeedProd is the most user-friendly plugin used for building a WordPress theme. It is a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that allows you to simply adjust any part of your theme design. SeedProd’s theme builder is unique in that it is theme agnostic. It doesn’t rely on your existing WordPress theme for aesthetics or functionality, providing you with complete control over the look and feel of your website.

In fact, if you want to create a custom WordPress theme for your website, you can hire a WordPress developer who has experience in performing the coding. Otherwise, you have the option of a WordPress theme builder plugin. First of all, install the SeedProd Plugin to use the theme builder and avail of the license to use the plugin.

There are two options to develop a theme with SeedProd:

  • Ready-Made Theme
  • Create a theme from Scratch

1. Ready-to-use theme

Starting with a pre-existing theme is a good idea. Because it enables SeedProd to generate the template files. These are complete professionally-designed themes that give you a head start in editing the templates to your own requirements. Select one of the available themes by clicking the Themes icon. There are various themes available for various types of websites, so you can pick one that best suits your requirements.

2. Create Theme Templates From Scratch

You may also start a new theme from scratch by clicking the ‘Add New Theme Template’ option. To get started, give your template a name and then select one of the template kinds.

You currently have the option of selecting one of the following template types:

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Single Post
  • Single Page
  • Archive
  • Search Results
  • Global Part
  • Custom Page

You can also use a template only if certain requirements are met. For example, you can use it on your entire site or just a piece of it. Otherwise, you can get WordPress development services from a reputed agency. 

Edit a Theme with Theme Builder

To edit a template file, click the Edit Design link below it.

  • In the SeedProd theme builder, open the template file.
  • You can alter an item in your template file by simply pointing and clicking on it.
  • In the left column, you’ll notice different editing choices depending on the item category. You’ll be able to customize the fonts, colors, background, spacing, and other elements.
  • SeedProd bricks can be added from the left column to create new things. It comes with a number of different blocks like Template, Standard, and advanced kinds that you can use to customize your template.

Creating Quick Theme Layouts With Sections

  • You can now add whole sections to your theme design in addition to blocks.
  • Navigate to the Design panel’s Sections tab.
  • Sections are a collection of blocks used to create various aspects of a website. For example, you’ll find sections for your header, footer, calls to action, features, and more that are ready to use.
  • Click on a section to add it to your theme template, then customize it to meet your needs.

Create Additional Layouts 

You now can extend the functionality of your custom WordPress theme and develop additional designs and layouts based on it. SeedProd makes it very simple. Your custom WordPress theme can still be tweaked, and you can create many templates for different sections of your website.

For example, you want to include a new header template in your theme that only appears in certain categories. So, you want to create a template for specific pages or posts. So, the SeedProd Plugin can help you with it.

To build a new landing page, go to SeedProd » Landing Pages and click the Add New Landing Page option. 

Global CSS

The Global CSS area is where you establish the global color, typography, layout, and styling options for your theme.

Click Edit Design in the Global CSS area of your theme’s Theme Builder dashboard.

Similarly, you can alter the text fonts, backgrounds, and layout of your theme, as well as apply custom CSS. These modifications will be applied to your entire site, ensuring uniformity in style.

Click the Save button once you’ve finished modifying the settings to your desire.

Creating and Publish Your Template

When you’re happy with the design, the final step is to click the Save button and choose to Publish to save your template. With a single switch, SeedProd allows you to apply your custom WordPress theme.

Toggle the switch next to the ‘Enable SeedProd Theme’ option to ‘Yes’ on the SeedProd » Theme Builder page.

Final Words

Are you ready to develop your website and grow your business? Avail of WordPress development services to create an engaging landing page to promote your products, services, and more. There are many WordPress theme builder plugins available for users.

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