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How to apply for Biometric Residence Permit?

What is a Biometric Residence Permit?

Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) is a polycarbonate card measuring 86mm by 54mm with a chip that makes it more secure against fraud and misuse. The Biometric Residence Permit proves a right to live in, study, or work at a university or college in the UK. The Biometric Residence Permit can be used as proof of identification, such as to establish the account of a UK Bank account.

What information does a biometric residence permit contain?

The Biometric Residence Permit contains different pieces of information, for example:

  • Personal information including name, birth date, and the place of birth
  • Biometric information, such as fingerprints as well as a photograph
  • Immigration status and any conditions/restrictions of stay

The BRP could contain additional information including whether or not the holder has access to funds from the public sector in the UK. In certain circumstances, a BRP will include the owner’s National Insurance (NI) number.

How you can apply for a biometric residence permit?

It is possible to receive the Biometric Residence Permit immediately when your visa or immigration application is accepted or if you’re seeking to replace an existing document. It is not necessary to apply for a biometric residence permit UK separately after you have submitted your visa or immigration request and there is no additional fee for the BRP.

  • You will be issued BRP BRP when you have successfully:
  • Request to enter the UK for longer than six months
  • You can extend your visa by longer than six months
  • Transfer your visa onto a new passport
  • Request the specific Home Office travel documents

Difference between a Biometric Residence Permit & Biometric Residence Card?

Biometric Residence Permits are granted to people who satisfy the conditions for the Immigration Rules for leave to be in or stay and are known as “BRP”.

These cards are called “Residence Card’ or ‘Permanent Residence Card or ‘Derivative Residence Card They are issued to non-EEA residents who have a right to residence under EU law. It’s not an option to apply for a Biometric Residence Card within the UK since they no longer provide legitimate proof of your rights to live within the UK.

How much time is required to get a Biometric Residence Permit?

If your application to apply for immigration was submitted from within the UK the BRP must be received within 7-10 days of receiving the decision letters. The BRP will be delivered to the address you provided in your application. If your application is accepted and your BRP is not delivered You can file a complaint on the internet.

If your visa application was submitted by someone outside of the UK. Then you are required to obtain your BRP when you arrive in the UK. This must be done before the vignette on your travel document runs out. Before 10 days from arrival in the UK either way, which is earlier. The exact location to pick up the BRP will be included in your confirmation letter. Inability to collect your BRP can be punished with a fine that could be as high as PS1000.

What is the future of Biometric Residence Permits?

A UK Government White Paper released in December 2018 said that. In the event that the UK introduces a new, skills-based immigration system, immigrants will be granted an “individual immigration status”. When they apply for travel permission into the UK. Paper stamps on passports will be replaced with digital stamps once immigrants travel across the border.

The Home Office has commenced the launch of the digital status for applicants who apply for the EU Settlement Scheme. Anyone who has been granted Pre-Settled or Settled Status will be granted digital status. In lieu of the BRP, you’ll be able to view how you are doing online. Learn more about the status of digital immigration in this article. It appears to be that Biometric Residence Permits maybe now on the way to digitalization.

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