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How to apply for admission at top medical colleges in Pakistan?

Importance of medicine career in medical colleges:

Medicine is both one of the most popular and one of the most challenging degrees in best medical colleges to obtain in the world. To practice medicine, future doctors and health practitioners must complete rigorous academic courses followed by residency programmes. The work, on the other hand, is well worth it if your goal is to save people’s lives and keep them healthy.

medical colleges
medical colleges

Let’s take a closer look at an MBBS degree and how to apply for one in 2021. Three are top medical colleges in Pakistan. We’ll also go through the differences between MBBS and MD degrees in Pakistan so you can figure out which institution to go based on where you want to study.

What is an MBBS degree and what does it entail at medical colleges?

The MBBS degree (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) is a professional undergraduate degree that prepares you for a career in medicine.

In Pakistan and other countries with similar educational systems, the MBBS degree is conferred. MBChB, MB Bach, MB, MB BS, BM Bch, BM BS, and other acronyms are commonly used nowadays.

An MBBS programmed covers anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, pathology, microbiology, and many other topics. Typically, an MBBS degree takes 4-6 years to finish.

Which Medical Degree Should You Pursue: MBBS or MD?

The first distinction is based on where these two medical degrees are located. MBBS degrees are most found in Pakistan and other countries with a comparable educational framework. In Pakistan’s best medical colleges and other countries with a comparable system, the MD (Doctor of Medicine) is more common.

The MBBS, on the other hand, is a four- to six-year undergraduate degree in medicine. The MD, on the other hand, is a postgraduate degree. To enroll in an MD programmed, you must already hold a bachelor’s degree. A bachelor’s degree in medicine or a similar field is a huge benefit, while it is not always required (e.g., Biology, Chemistry). A doctorate in medicine usually takes four years to accomplish.

Is a medical degree difficult to obtain or not?

Things get a little more confusing when you consider that MD degrees are also offered in the Pakistan. These are postgraduate programmes for students with an MBBS or an equivalent medical college degree. Most British MD degrees focuse on research, which helps students improve their medical knowledge and competence.

The residency programmed follows the MBBS and degrees and can run anywhere from 3 to 5 years depending on your specialization.

The following are the requirements for applying for an MBBS degree:

Let’s look at what you need to do to get in now that you know where you need to apply for your medical college degree. The requirements for applying to an MBBS programmed differ depending on the country and university to which you desire to apply.

medical colleges
medical colleges

The following requirements are estimations. As a result, to get a more realistic picture, you’ll need to look at the statistics on the university’s page. The following are some of the general requirements for an MBBS:

At least two science disciplines, such as biology, physics, chemistry, arithmetic, and so on, are required for a high school graduation. Chemistry appears to be a prerequisite most of the time.

Admission requirements for the leading medical colleges are as follows:

  • If you already hold a bachelor’s degree, an honors degree in science with a 2:1 or above, or an equivalent, can be advantageous.
  • It is necessary to have a good knowledge of the English language. Advanced language certificates are available. GPA of 3.0 or higher, or equivalent to demonstrate regular academic improvement, you’ll need a transcript of academic records.
  • You may also need to take a regionally recognized specialist medical colleges exam, such as the MCAT in Pakistan, depending on the country. The MCAT exam is comparable.
  • Work experience in the healthcare industry as a volunteer is also beneficial.
  • You may need to enroll in a Foundation programmed to confirm or meet the MBBS program’s prerequisites.
  • The school also wants to know if you have the transferable skills necessary to pursue a career as a doctor in the future.

The following documents may be necessary for an MBBS application:

  • Personal identification documents
  • Personal statement or motivation letter
  • Copies of your diplomas, as well as, in some cases, English translations
  • Transcription of records
  • Letters of recommendation from past employers or teachers
  • Other proof of healthcare volunteerism or work experience
  • Proof of payment of the application tax
  • You might also have to demonstrate that you can afford to live in the nation where you want to study.
  • Keep in mind that, depending on the medical colleges’ application process, more documents require.

In Pakistan, the MBBS admission procedure is as follows:


Every July/August, Pakistan publishes an MBBS Admission Advertisement or MBBS Admission 2021-22. In 2021, the MCAT exam will be required for admission to the MBBS programmed. The following is the general entrance procedure that students must follow:

  • Universities begin accepting applications for the MBBS programmed. You must create an account on the required websites to register.
  • Before the registration deadline, you must submit all required information to your selected college or university’s online admission site.
  • Pay the registration fee online or at a university-affiliated bank. The registration fee varies from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000.
  • Wait for the merit list and an invitation to an interview. Several schools and universities offer an aptitude test in addition to the MDCAT test 2021.

Required Documents for MBBS Admission:

The following is a list of the documents require for MBBS admission. UHS has a lot of information on MBBS Documents.

  • The application processing fee, as well as the admission paperwork from the admitting college.
  • a copy of the matric certificate or matric mark sheet from the appropriate board
  • A Fusc (pre-medical) result card issue competent authority or board. The part II admittance card / HSSC II roll number slip require if the result is not declare.
  • Candidate’s residence and CNIC/B Photographs of the hopeful (3-5)

The MBBS application is completed entirely online:

The online application process for admission to the Private Medical College will begin before or after the MCAT test result.All needed information include in the application, which must be done online.

The candidate must first make an account on the internet portal using their e-mail address and a password to fill out the web form. Following that, the system will produce a Pin Code and send it to the candidate’s e-mail address.

Students will need to provide their e-mail ID and password each time they log in after successfully checking in the first time. Candidates should keep their passwords and e-mail addresses confidential. Online registration is also accessible for MBBS admissions in 2021.


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