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How Motorized Blinds Can Save You Energy?

Concerns about climate change are intensifying, which has increased consumer demand for sustainable goods. Here are five ways energy-saving motorized blinds and shades can be used. 

Which window blinds are eco-friendly?

Aluminum blinds

Window treatments must be disassembled into their component parts, such as plastic, metal, and so forth, in order to be recycled. Aluminum is a material that is easily recyclable. As a result, recycling aluminum blinds is among the simplest window treatments. Because aluminum blinds are so strong, they do not require as much recycling. 

Cellular shades

One of the greenest window treatments available is a cellular shade. We advise installing double or triple-paned windows and selecting a cellular shade with an inside mount and side panels if you’re serious about conserving energy. The tighter seal produced by the side panels and inside mount makes it more difficult for heat to escape through your windows. An environmentally friendly window treatment is made of more than just materials. Did you know that motorized blinds can have positive environmental effects? Here are 5 ways that motorized window treatments can contribute to energy conservation. 

Temperature regulation with motorized cellular shades

The pleated, honeycomb pattern of cellular shades aids in light filtering and UV ray blocking, keeping the house warmer in the winter and colder in the summer. Your HVAC system will have to work less to maintain a comfortable temperature in your house thanks to the shade. 

They can be automated and cellular controlled

In order to maximize solar radiation and reduce heating expenses, motorized shades can be set to open and close in sync with the sun’s rays during the winter. Blinds Leeds provides motorized shades and blinds that work with smartphone apps such as Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and others. 

Smart home integration

To help reduce energy use, motorized shades can be paired with other smart home appliances. For instance, a homeowner can pair their motorized shades and smart thermostat to operate in unison. In order to help control temperature, smart thermostats have the ability to detect when a room is becoming too hot or cold and will automatically open or close the blinds. This reduces the load on your HVAC system and lowers your energy expenses. 

Outdoor motorized blinds

The interior of a house is by no means the only place where motorized window treatments can save energy. Outside shades not only shield furniture from UV rays and reduce glare, but they also minimize the need for air conditioning. A home feels colder when heat transfer through the windows is reduced by motorized outdoor shades. There is no longer a need for throwaway batteries with many of the indoor and outdoor window treatments, which are plug-in or rechargeable. Additionally, motorized shades with solar charging panel power are available from Elite Curtains, a premium curtains and blinds supplier in Leeds, UK. Design Consultant Lydia Ortiz says, “It’s a great eco alternative instead of having a constant power drain like plug-ins.” 

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