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How can You Make your Toddler Imbibe Basic Manners?

Most of the time, you must be after your toddler’s life to behave and learn manners. You can make your toddlers learn and practice basic manners.

It is nevermore extremely late to teach your basic toddler manners. You can always tell them the basic manners and make them understand its importance.

The basic manners for your toddler

If you make your toddler learn about basic manners, you will be surprised to see that your toddlers understand every bit of it and respond to it well. It may not be easy for them to implement these manners, but they understand it.

There are numerous imaginative ways that you can practice for your toddler to learn essential manners. You do not need to be strict with them to teach them manners. Be playful with them and understand their level.

Gauge their reactions and make them learn according to their capacity. If you understand your toddler and make them learn according to their way, they will learn faster and implement them in a better way.

Ways to teach manners to your toddlers

  • Focus on the basics 

If you talk about good manners, “please” and “thank you” are usually the first steps towards learning manners. As soon as your child starts talking, you can teach them to use the basic words, i.e., “please” and “thank-you.”

These are pleasing words that will attract people towards your toddler and would want to talk to them.

It will take some time for your toddler to learn these words and use them regularly. Once they are used to these words, they will automatically use these words in their daily routine.

There are many creative ways that you can use to teach your child this word, such as ask them, “What’s the magic word?” or “What do you say?”

Do not be too insistent on your child. Make them comfortable and politely make them remember whenever they forget. To add these words into their reflex, always praise them whenever they use these words.

  • Practice what you preach 

It may sound like a piece of obvious advice, but it is the most important advice for a parent. If you want your child to behave in a certain way, you have to become a good role model for your child and let them see for themselves.

To set a good example, be a good role model as your child imitates whatever you do. Your toddler wants to be like their parents. Hence, it is essential to behave in a certain way to let your child follow you.

For example, if you want your child to say “Excuse me,” you have to use this word in front of them every time so that they understand its importance and follow it. Another classic example is that if you have borrowed quick loans online in Ireland and cannot pay them back, it may cause stress.

If you remain stressed out in front of your toddler, the toddler will pick up the same emotions and may develop such traits in the future. It is advisable to portray behaviour in front of your toddler that you want them to learn.

  • Make your toddler Seat at the table. 

It is a big achievement for your toddler if they learn to sit still for more than 5 minutes on a table. In Ireland, many parents encourage their children to sit and play with them to play properly. Do not set your expectations too high.

Whenever you make them sit on the table, make sure you accompany them and sit along with them. Just giving instructions will never work. It will be unfair on their part if you do not sit with them.

It will be unreasonable if you want your toddler to sit for 15-20 minutes at one place without moving. To sit still like adults can be difficult for a toddler. Hence, be realistic and give them practical instructions.

  • Encourage hellos and goodbyes.

Like the important words, please and thank-you, it is important to make your child learn another set of important words, i.e., “Hello” and “Goodbye.” Whenever they meet someone new, encourage them to use hello and whenever they are leaving from somewhere, encourage them to use goodbye.

If your child does not use these words, do not be surprised; instead, encourage them to use these words. Always remember, do not force your child to use these words. Always encourage them and praise them. Forcing them can push towards not using these words.

  • Encourage your toddler for polite play dates.

If your toddler is playing with friends, do not expect it to be a polite play date. If they are with their favourite toys, they may shout and behave against your expectations.

Slowly, tell your toddler that they cannot play with all the toys and can take one by one. Also, introduce them with the simple rules such as

  • They cannot push or hit or call people by names
  • Take turns to play with toys
  • Do not misbehave else the play date can come to an end

If your toddler is fighting with someone, the most common reason is because of the toys. So make your toddler learn the theory of distribution. Make them understand the basic concept of sharing and do it creatively. If your toddler shares, it will attract other children and make them play with your toddler.


You can make your toddler learn all the good manners, but you have to find creative ways to do so.

Do not force them as it will push them back and make them go in the opposite direction. Be polite to your child and to make them learn, get down to their level, and it will work wonders for you.

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