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How can I create a business Gmail account for free?

If you want to create a professional or official business email address then, you are at the right place. A business email address uses the company name at the place of a broad Gmail account. In this post, we will discuss the exact way to create a business Gmail account for free in a very few minutes.

Method 1- Click on Google Workspace and Ger Started

You can set up Gmail for business and for that you get a Google Workspace account. For that-

  • Go to the Google Workspace and go to “Get Started”
  • Enter the business name and the number of staff in the companies and organizations country
  • On the upcoming screen, you have to enter the contact details

Method 2- Connect your Domain

After finishing all of the personal details and contact information, you have to enter the domain name. If you do, choose “Yes, I have one I can use” and then, find a domain name from Google. The next step will depend on the way you answer the domain question. If you already have a domain name then, move ahead with the next method 3.

Method 3- Create User Name

The next step is to select the username and password for your business email address

Businesses should maintain the same email address format for their organization to keep it reliable and simple to organize. When you enter this detail successfully, confirm that you are not a robot but a human being. Click on “Agree and Continue”.

If you are not sure what you want the username format to be, learn about the way to choose a Professional email address to decide the format which is apt for your business

Method 4- Enter the Payment Details to Complete Check Out

Review the payment plan and Google Workspace will assign automatically to the Business Standard plan which you cannot change. Instead, confirm this plan and downgrade after finishing the new account setup. This is a free 14-day trial and there will be no charge for you to create a business Gmail account

There you have to click on “Next” and enter the payment details. When you are all set then, confirm the order and finish the checkout procedure

After Setup Gmail for Business

Now that you have create a business Gmail account and set up Gmail for Business, you can access the account. That account has the complete suite of Google collaboration and productivity tools. If you have to transfer the previous emails to the new account, you can transfer your emails. Consider adding new email apps or Gmail extensions to extend Gmail for business functionalities.

Customize Your Email- With Gmail, one can easily customize the email account in various ways. It consists of adding a profile image to create a custom email signature. This option appears under “Settings”. Alternatively, you should use one of the best email signature generator tools.

Transfer Email to Gmail- Locate the admin.google.com and from there, you can click on “Apps”. From the “Setup” section you have to check the box next to “User email uploads” and Save. Finally, get back to Gmail and go to the “Settings” and start the import procedure

Add New Users- If you need to create Gmail for business email accounts for the staff, you can add new users to locate the Google Domains. Choose “Emails” from the menu and click on the “Add New” option. There you have to follow on-screen instructions

Connect Gmail with Apps- Enhance productivity by using the email apps. App has become one of the best ways to access your emails and attachments quickly with just one tap.

These are the few steps through which you can create a business Gmail account for free. There are a lot of features that you will get with this Business Gmail account you can know by contacting Gmail for better help regarding the same.

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