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High Risk Merchant Account for International Payment Gateway Solutions

The internet has made it incredibly simple to market your business. Merchants from around the world can now service their items in other parts of the world. Forex trading, gaming, gambling, casino, adult entertainment, escort service, and many other services that were formerly challenging have now become extremely profitable.

However, you may be startled to learn that the services we’re discussing are classified as High-Risk by acquirers or banks. They are extremely vulnerable to financial loss. Chargebacks, refunds, and frauds are common for them.

Nonetheless, 95 percent of High-Risk merchants around the world are unconcerned about such circumstances. This is due to their affiliation with reputable payment service providers such as Paycly.

There are generally two major expectations of any merchants doing business online.

  1. Get a lot of money out of your business.
  2. The upward-trending graph of corporate growth.

New merchants, on the other hand, who have lately studied market trends or are preparing to establish a high-risk firm, are curious about how they may survive in such a competitive industry. Paycly does it for you with just one simple answer.

What is High Risk Merchant account?

High-risk merchant accounts are payment processing accounts programmed specifically for industries that banks may believe are high-risk. Based on your history of chargebacks and refunds, the bank may place a rolling reserve on your account.

To comprehend a high-risk merchant account, it is necessary to first comprehend a low-risk merchant account. Low-risk accounts are defined as those with no or few chargeback transactions.

Banks and other payment service providers make a clear distinction between the industries that come under these categories.

If you want to grow your business online, you need to know whether you’re a high-risk or low-risk merchant. The danger increases with the number of chargebacks.

In order to keep your business safe, keep your chargeback ratio below 0.9 percent of total transactions.

However, this is largely dependent on the type of business you’re in. Aside from chargebacks and refunds, there are a few more indicators of high-risk merchants:

  1. High-risk industries such as Gaming, Casino, Adult Toys e-commerce, and so on.
  2. A sales amount of at least $20,000 per month
  3. The average card transaction is over $200.
  4. Poor credit history and a high number of chargebacks.
  5. Selling goods to countries with a high rate of fraud
  6. Make recurring payments available.
  7. Instability of finances.

How can I get a High Risk Merchant Account?

Acquirers are overly picky about who they will work with if they want to offer a high-risk merchant account. They may check your application twice to determine whether you can survive in the current High-Risk company market. Some banks require your previous processing history for this.

They do not provide High-Risk Merchant accounts to persons who have no prior company expertise.

For getting a merchant account you will ask to present the Application along with the list of documents that may include:

  1. License of Business
  2. Address Proof of Business
  3. Tax ID of Business
  4. Business Owners Details
  5. Working website
  6. SSL certificate
  7. Bank Account details
  8. Chargeback and frauds detail
  9. Bank statement
  10. Business Assurer in case of any issue

After collecting such documents from merchants they may cross-check them for their assurance and this might take 1-2 weeks time. If they are satisfied they will offer payment services that inculcate merchant account

In the event of a rejection, the merchant must seek out additional Acquirers. This can occur as a result of large chargebacks or financial instability in your company. Every acquirer has its own set of criteria, so don’t expect every bank to reject your application.

The easiest way to discover Acquirers is to associate with reputable payment partners such as Paycly, which has a large network of Acquirers who can quickly award payment services.

Benefits of having High Risk Merchant Account

High-risk merchant accounts cost more due to the pertaining risk of the transaction and also overseas transfer fees. A setup fee, monthly and annual fees, or even a PCI fee may be charged by some high-risk payment providers.

Besides being high at prices you might be surprised to learn that paying such fees or having high-risk merchant accounts has certain perks.

  1. Accept transactions in several currencies from clients outside of your country
  2. It’s easier to keep a high-risk merchant account is up an running condition, as a single chargeback will not let the closing of your account.
  3. You can sell products or services that aren’t allowed with a low-risk business.
  4. Sell a wider range of products.

High Risk Credit Card Processing for High-Risk Business

Proficient Credit card processing is essential with a High-Risk Merchant Account. Merchant account along with High-Risk Payment gateways will service your customers in the most professional manner. High-Risk Credit card processing is an essential integration of a High-Risk payment gateway.

The service of such entirely depends upon the service provider handling your customers for payments. A merchant account is necessary for accepting payments while credit card processing is a must for international customers.


A High Risk Merchant account is mandatory for receiving International payments. This will be in varied currencies. Every High-Risk Merchant Account for a particular business varies as per their requirement.

Paycly is a renowned name for High-Risk Merchants. There are endless solutions with us that can instantaneous rise your sales growth.


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