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Guidelines For Choosing The Height Of The Ridge

Guidelines for choosing the height of the ridge


A ridge is the horizontal edge of a gable roof, formed at the junction of the tops of its inclined planes. The height of the ridge, without the slightest doubt, will attribute to the most significant parameters that determine the proportions of the roof.

Both underestimation and overestimation of it can lead not only to a violation of the architectural picture but also to problems in operation. 

Furthermore, the ardent desire of the owner of the house to embody his own ideas often goes against the technical prescriptions, familiarization with which will help to avoid serious mistakes.


How and why is the height of the ridge of a gable roof calculation to do?


In order to make the process of studying the studied value simpler and clearer, let’s imagine the future roof in the form of an equilateral triangle. 

This is the most common option. In addition to it, there are asymmetric gable roofs with slopes differing in area. With the help of a slope intercept form calculator, you can get the slope calculation.

However, the angle of inclination of both structural components is most often equal, because the calculation of the ridge height is according to the standard scheme.

For convenience, we divide the equilateral triangle into two symmetrical parts. The line running from the apex of the triangle to its base is the axis of symmetry of the figure which we present, it is also the leg of a right-angled triangle and the height of the ridge.


How and by what formula is the calculation of the height of the ridge of a gable roof?

Atmospheric phenomena

It is pointless to argue with the climate given; it is necessary to adapt to its adamant dictation and adapt. 

The atmospheric phenomena that influence the choice of the height of the ridge include:

  • Wind load. In areas where weather conditions are characterized by frequent gusty winds. It is customary to construct flat and low-pitched roof structures with an angle of inclination of up to 10º. In regions with weak and moderate winds, the height of the ridge can be any. The percent error calculator can help to get the prediction about the weather.
  • The amount of precipitation. Precipitation is a potential threat to leaks. Due to which they become damp, then gradually become unusable elements of the rafter system and the roofing pie. From roofs with a steepness of more than 45º, precipitation is removed much faster than from shallow structures.
  • Snow cover mass. In areas with heavy winter precipitation. It is recommended to erect roofs with a slope of more than 45º in order to optimize the rate of descent of snow deposits. Lower and flatter roofs will need to be brushed off more frequently.


The presence of an attic

In the family of gable roofs, there are attic and non-attic representatives. In the first case, the attic space separates from the box of the house by a ceiling. 

They are also famous as “separate”, which confirms the architectural independence of the premises between the roof structure and the floor.

In addition, attic representatives are residential and non-residential. Moreover, the ease of movement determines the height of the ridge of residential roofs. 

Structures with an exploited attic are built mainly according to a broken scheme. Involving the construction of a rafter system of two tiers.


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