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Get PNB Online Banking Application Form

PNB Online Banking: The bank has kept up-to-date itself to keep up with the latest developments since its beginning. It is committed to bringing the extensive range of its services and products to the convenience of its customers’ homes via internet banking services.

Punjab National Bank the first Indian domestic bank has been operational since 1895. The bank is currently at the second spot in terms of its business operations and network. It is a one-stop source for a variety of banking services and products, like deposits, loans credit cards, loans, and many more.

Guide to Login PNB Online Banking Portal

  1. Visit the official PNB internet banking site at
  2. Fill in the username, then click ‘Continue’. In this case, the user ID is identical to your customer’s ID.
  3. Enter the password for the login you created when you registered for the service.
  4. Select the “Login” button.
  5. The OTP is delivered to your registered mobile number. Input the OTP to successfully log in.
  6. After you log in you are asked to pick seven of the security-related questions out of a list that includes 50 questions. You will also have to answer these questions. In the future, you’ll be asked to respond to one of the questions to confirm that you are the one who has logged in.
  7. Select ‘Register’.
  8. In addition, it will ask you to pick an image, and then write an appropriate phrase for it when you first login.
  9. Click on the “Submit” button.
  10. Services Available under PNB Internet Banking Portal
  11. Access to Accounts: Open fixed deposit or recurring deposit accounts, as well as public provident funds, accounts online. You can also end your FD accounts online.
  12. Utility Bill Payment: Pay utility bills such as telephone, electricity, and credit card bills on the internet. You can also make investments in mutual funds on the internet.

Tax payments: Pay tax through PNB online banking.

Check Account Information: Check your PNB balance on your account, statement of account previous transactions, as well as nominee information on the PNB web-based banking portal.

Service for Cheques: It is possible to make the request for a checkbook or examine the status of an issued cheque and ask to stop payments for the cheque that was issued online.

Others Requests: The Other Requests feature lets you request an adjustment to the limit of your credit card, exchange reward points from your card or renew your account with FD, and much more.

Register to be a part of PNB Internet Banking?

  • Visit the official PNB internet official banking website at
  • Click on the “pnb knowledge centre Internet Banking Login’ button in the display.
  • The user will then be directed to a webpage where you will be asked to enter an account ID.
  • Choose the option ‘New User’ under the field for user identification, as illustrated in the image below.
  • Fill in your customer number. Select the Type of ‘Register For Internet Banking’.
  • Select the “Verify” button.
  • Input the “Type of Facility.
  • The OTP is delivered to the mobile number registered. Enter the OTP in the window for verification and then click Continue.
  • Enter your PNB debit card’s code as well as your ATM PIN before clicking the “Continue” button.
  • The user will then be asked to enter your account password and the transaction. Enter the passwords at least twice to verify. Be aware that the login and transaction passwords can’t be the same.
  • Accept these terms and conditions, and then click on the ‘Complete Registration’ button.
  • An error message appears on the screen, indicating that the registration process has been completed.

How can I Transmit Funds Online?

  • Log into your account via the PNB online banking portal.
  • Transfer funds to your personal account or to another account inside PNB or to an account that isn’t part of PNB. Thus, choose an option in accordance with the ‘Transactions’.
  • Choose the account from where you want to transfer funds as well as the account from that account you want to transfer the funds. If the beneficiary has not yet registered with your account, then add the information needed to complete the transfer.
  • Select the money to be transferred.
  • In default, the date of a transaction is set to the date of the present. If you wish to set the payment for a later day, then you are able to alter it to be set accordingly.
  • It is also possible to create a recurring payment by specifying the amount as well as the frequency of payments like daily, weekly and monthly. You can also set a quarterly or quarterly payment and so on.
  • Select the “Continue” button in order to display the entire information related to the transaction and verify it.
  • After you’re certain that the information is correct, press the ‘Submit’ button in order to close the payment.

Transaction Limits and Costs Applied


The Transfer Quantity Charges applicable
Below Rs.10,000 Rs.2 + GST
Rs.10,000-Rs.1 lakh Rs.4 + GST
Rs.1 lakh-Rs.2 lakh Rs.12 + GST
More than Rs.2 lakh Rs.20 + GST


The Transfer Quantity Charges Applied
As high as Rs.50,000 per day. Rs.5 + GST


The Transaction Value Transaction Charges
Rs.2 lakh-Rs.5 lakh Rs.20 + GST
More than Rs.5 lakh Rs.40 + GST

How to reset PNB’s Internet Banking Password?

  1. Visit the official PNB Parivar internet banking site at
  2. Input your username, and then click the ‘Continue’ button.
  3. On the next screen, select the “Forgot Password Option.
  4. Enter the username and password, and then click “Submit.
  5. Input the OTP you get on your registered mobile number, and then press “Continue”.
  6. Fill in your PNB debit card’s number. Along with the account number, as well as the ATM PIN. Click on Continue’.
  7. After completing the step, you will be directed to a webpage that allows you to reset your password. This is where you can alter your login password or the transaction password or both axis bank neft form.
  8. Select ‘Continue’.
  9. The message “Success” will appear on the screen following the reset of your desired password.
Owner Government of India
Founder Dyal Singh Majithia, and LalaLajpatRai
Headquarters New Delhi, India
Customer service 1800 180 2222
The 19 May 1894
CEO S SMallikarjunaRao

Frequently asked questions

Can I link any of my accounts on internet banking?

You can connect any account managed by any branch of the bank to your current internet bank account. Simply make the request at the branch that you are at. Alternately you can make the request using the ‘Add Additional Account’ option on the page for login.

What happens if I fail to close my internet bank account?

It is advised to never go away from your system without signing out of your banking session. Inadequately logging out could allow others to access your account, leading to committing fraud

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