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General Points of IPLC License that you must keep in mind

IPLC license establish end to end International Private Leased Circuits between India and a foreign country. The IPLC service provider has to first enter into an agreement with the International Long Distance Operator to provide this service so that it precisely reaches the end consumers. In this article, we are going to take a look into the General conditions associated with the IPLC license.

International Private leased circuits are used to establish long range connections between two countries. Their wide nature assists in expanding the country’s telecommunication services. However, there are conditions associated with providing these services and certain eligibility criteria that the applicant must meet. All of them come under the general conditions to obtain the IPLC license.

So let us look inside the general points of this license and see if you can become such a service providers.

Eligibility Criteria for establishing an IPLC License

You must comply with the following eligibility criteria to apply for the IPLC License:

  1. You must have established a company: The infrastructure of an IPLC dictates that only a company – a group of individuals – rather than an individual carries out the services. Therefore, before one can apply for the license, they must set up a company as per the Companies Act, 2013.
  2. Capabilities of the licensee: There are many infrastructural, regulatory and large technical requirements that one must meet to fulfil the conditions required to provide International Private Leased line circuits. Therefore, every applicant must first ascertain its financial and technical capabilities before applying for the titular license.
  3. Net worth requirement of the company: Providing IPLC services is not a task for a starting entrepreneur with no monetary backing. Therefore, DOT decided to issue the license to only those companies with a net worth of INR 2.5 Crore.
  4. You must have an connection with an ILDO: As an IPLC licensee, you get the right to resell the IPLC and establish connectivity between India and another country. As the operative word is reselling, those circuits have to come from somewhere. Your source in this case is the International Long Distance Operator. Make sure to contact an ILDO before applying for the license.

General Points of IPLC license

Now, here are some general requirements that you must meet as an IPLC License holder:

  1. You can only provide IPLC facility: Reselling IPLC does not come under unified license that DOT grants to provide multiple telecommunication services. It is a specific task fulfilled by a specific “Resale of IPLC” license. Don’t try to stretch the scope of your authorization and try to provide other services.
  2. You have permission to sell bandwidth to ISPs: You can use the International Private Leased Circuits to provide bandwidth to domestic ISP licensees along with other IPLC licensees. Related Content: HITS Operator
  3. Your landing station must be located as per the terms of ILDO rules: You must establish your cable landing station in the location specified in the rules of International Long Distance Operator.
  4. You must take care of all the infrastructure on your own: From multiplexing, de-multiplexing and billing, as the IPLC license holder, it’s you who have to create the infrastructure to provide these facilities.


Providing an IPLC service to connect India with another country via telecommunication services is an expensive endeavour. Therefore, one must take the aforementioned general points and eligibility criteria into consideration before applying for the license. Read More: Demonstration License

If you have further queries, consult with Registrationwala.

DOT isses IPLC license on the basis of certain general points in India. Read this article to know about the eligibility criteria and general points associated with the IPLC license.

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