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Foods To Eat To Keep Hemorrhoids From Coming Back

Hemorrhoids is a malfunction in your intestine that stretches onto your rectum making it swollen, some mild hemorrhoids are easy to treat when acted upon early while major hemorrhoids or external ones may cause severe pain. Nonetheless, if treated, it may come back due to practices that attract hemorrhoids to prevent that, there is a proper diet to decrease the chance of hemorrhoid to people who had or not had hemorrhoid.


Foods Rich In Fiber Is The Solution

Fibrous food helps your stool be softer so that you would not get diarrhea or constipation. Drinking water and other liquids such as fruit juices can help the fiber in your body to work better. Here are some foods (and drinks) rich in fiber.



Known as the healthiest snack which has fiber. Popcorns also have antioxidants which help digestion and this proves that popcorn can reduce hemorrhoids.



Apples with its skin are high in fiber because most of the fiber is found in the skin. You can also make apple juice if you prefer and it can still be as effective as a whole apple, just don’t forget the skin.



Potatoes with skin like the apple are high in fiber and are recommended to reduce hemorrhoids. Other than fiber, potatoes have vitamins and minerals good for the body’s health and strength.



Banana is known for making your stool intact and reduces the chance of diarrhea. Another thing bananas are rich in is potassium that regulates muscle growth and durability.



Avocado as a fruit and as a juice is healthy for you not only on fiber but also in vitamin c and other vitamins.



Oatmeals for breakfast have fiber in it especially with cereals that indicates that it is rich in fiber. Oatmeals are also a very common thing to have in a household, therefore avoiding hemorrhoids is just around the corner, you just have to be creative.



Pears with vitamin C and fiber are healthy for your body and avoid hemorrhoids.



Beans with most of its skin are also rich in fiber to reduce the risk of getting hemorrhoids.


Key Takeaway


Notice that most of the foods rich in fiber are either fruits or vegetables. We can lead to the conclusion that a healthy and proper diet is the main solution to any healthcare problems. Before, during, or after any problems, being on a healthy diet and exercise is the best thing to do to prevent and easily recover from any situation. 


There are many more foods that can help reduce the chance of getting hemorrhoids. But always remember to take only the right amount of fiber. This is because it is a cardinal rule that anything that is excessive is bad and can be harmful for your health. If you think that fibrous food is not helping then maybe it is too much. Look for alternatives to prevent hemorrhoids like wearing loose garments or lessen the pressure when sitting on the toilet and many more. 

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