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Facts to know before obtaining AYUSH license

Pandemic has impacted India in variety of ways, and not all of them are worse. One of the examples of the “positive” things it has done is enhance people’s interest for the AYUSH license. What is it?

In simple terms, it’s a license to produce alternative medicine in India. And we are not talking about “nani maa ka nuskha”, we are talking about a manufacturing unit complete with AYUSH experts with required qualification in the field. 

That being said, courtesy of India’s habit of ”leap before thinking”, there are many who start the licensing process that end up wasting their money. Why? They ignore the facts to know before obtaining the AYUSH license. 

Read them below to prevent making those same mistakes yourself. 

Fact 1: AYUSH license is not an online procedure

Living in era of immense technological development where digitization is everywhere, it’s easy to think that the government is developing steadily. But alas, it’s not the case, least not in the instance of AYUSH ministry. Even now, the procedure to apply for titular license has the same “offline” feel to it. You have to get down to the department and submit the application form. Repeated visits may also be required in case your application faces objections. 

While knowing this fact has no implications, it will save your time that you waste searching for the keyword “AYUSH license apply online”

Fact 2: You can’t get the license to sell homemade remedies

Ayurveda is the most important medicinal science in India that historically has consisted of old-ways to brew medicine. However, we now live in the era where large scale production is a possibility because of modern machinery. AYUSH ministry exists to promote alternative medicines that can be produced in a large scale. Thus, unless you have a manufacturing plant, you won’t get the certificate of registration from the ministry. 

Fact 3: There must be at least two qualified professionals producing alternative medicine

The Ministry only issues the license to companies that have qualified professionals producing the medicines. For the sake of AYUSH license, the minimum requirements of such professionals is to. Choose any field of AYUSH that you want to participate in and make sure that you have at least two experts with the necessary qualification. Only then, can you obtain AYUSH license in India. 

Fact 4: There is a way to get AYUSH license even if you don’t own a factory

AYUSH only issues a single type of license known as the AYUSH manufacturing license. It can give a sense that you must have YOUR OWN factory to produce medications. That’s now the case. There exists a certificate called AYUSH Loan license for that very purpose. It allows you to obtain the rights to produce medicines in someone else’s manufacturing plant. Simply put, you can loan a manufacturing plant from someone else with the aid of an AYUSH loan license. 

Fact 5: You need 1500 Sq ft of area to product one AYUSH product

We aren’t talking about a makeshift manufacturing plant that you can install anywhere. To start a robust AYUSH business, you need a robust infrastructure with the space that can accommodate the storage, preservation and disposal of medicines. Thus, AYUSH ministry has mandated that companies applying for the AYUSH license need to have a manufacturing plant of at least 1500 square ft per AYUSH medicine. 


 Knowing these facts will help you navigate the license procedure the next time you reach out to AYUSH consultants. However, it will be all in vain if you reach out to the wrong ones. Find the right consultants here. 

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