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Essay on My Mother For Students

‘Maa’ or ‘Mom’ is the first word that every kid of the globe speaks after entering this planet. In our world, father and mother are those manifestations of God who look at us without self-interest, teach us, send us to school and universities, and constantly pray to God that our children will not be irritated and that they will achieve success in their lives. Let’s start our article on Essay on my mother.

Essay on My Mother For Students


We cannot imagine a life without a mother, thus we must understand the value of motherhood. We would not have lived in this world if it hadn’t been for our mother. “Maa” is the most natural word in the universe, and it is in this name that the Lord resides.

She lives a normal life. She isn’t one who follows the latest trends. She usually wears sarees and other traditional attire. She lives by the motto “simple life, lofty thinking.” She wakes up early in the morning and sleeps late at night after completing all of her daily tasks.

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She is pleasant in her demeanour, kind-hearted, and respectful in her handling of important matters. In our culture, she is well-liked. She is all lovely when it comes to her children. She is constantly cheery in the company of her age group and encourages people to have a good outlook on life.

My Mother holds my father in high regard. She never gets enraged about trivial stuff and maintains her courage and patience at all times. I’ve never seen her so agitated in my life.

I hope you are enjoying our article on Essay on my mother.

Mothers Love

The love of a mother is a great force. It possesses the ability to heal, protect, and care for a kid. In this part, we’ll look at the significance of mothers in the lives of children and why it matters. We’ll also take a look at some quotations about moms’ love for their kids. Children who do not have a mother in their childhood are more likely to suffer emotional and social issues than children who do have a mother.

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Role of Mother in Children’s Life

Mothers have a crucial role in the lives of their children. Mothers play an important role in shaping a child’s personality, beliefs, and views. They also play a vital part in the development of their children. Mothers have the ability to have a positive or bad impact on their children. They may cause hazardous consequences on the infant if they are not attentive. If a mother is depressive or abusive, for example, she is more likely to pass these qualities on to her child.

A mother takes care of all the tasks of her household and all the family members without being concerned about her own health and comfort. A mother’s strength comes from God’s grace, which allows her to labour for lengthy periods of time without becoming exhausted. She truly forgets about her own agony when she sees her children in anguish. She is such a contented creature that she takes on a great deal of responsibility without getting compensated for it.

Though her contribution is so much more than ours that we cannot pay for it, we can at least express our thanks by wishing our lovely mother a happy Mother’s Day.

I hope you enjoy reading our article on Essay on My Mother.

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