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Enhance Your iOS App Development | 9 Go-To iOS App Development Tools

While developing an iOS app, having the appropriate collection of iOS development tools is crucial. There was a period when iOS app development was a tough task due to Apple’s strict guidelines and limitations. Identifying the proper criteria, choosing the correct programming technology and using other iOS application development tools are essential steps in building an iOS application.

Let’s have a closer look at the most beneficial and famous iOS application development tools available in the market. These comprehensive tools help product owners hire an iOS app development company and build highly scalable, fully functional, and resilient applications with impressive UI/UX designs.

This write-up comprises three parts: Programming Technologies, IDE & Editor’s, and the Plugins.

Programming Technologies

Generally, there are two primary programming technologies for building iOS applications – Objective- C and Swift. Both the technologies have their own set of rules that make it quite easy for product owners to build apps when compared to various other programming technologies. So let’s get started with the programming technology that came back along with Apple’s iOS developer SDK.


It is a relatively young addition to the iOS application development tools. Swift is utilised by various global tech giants, including the WordPress iOS apps and Firefox. With this extensive technology, product owners can start developing feature-rich and comprehensive iPad and iPhone applications.


Apple selected Objective-C for building the iOS applications. Apple’s former co-founder, Steve Jobs, approved the idea in the 1980s. Objective C relies on Language in a similar manner that other programming technologies like C# and C++ rely on Language C. It denotes the essential punctuation and structure.

IDE & Editor’s

IDE (integrated development environment) helps in creating apps that combine specific development tools into a solitary graphic user interface.

An IDE comprises:

  • Local build automation;
  • Debugger
  • Source Code Editor

Let’s dive into the wide variety of iOS IDE’s available in the market.


Xcode is Apple’s first-ever IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which includes an Apple app development kit. It supports macOS devices and is compatible with several programming technologies for building interoperable programs with iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS.

While building code, Xcode contains an extensive source code checker that checks for the errors and offers suggestions to fix them. The real-time fixtures and autocomplete features help your development team to reduce the development time.

Code Runner

Code runner is a robust iOS app development tool with extensive compilation capabilities. The feature-rich component of this tool makes it straightforward and intuitive for your development team to build iOS application code. Code Runner is an impressive choice for iOS application development as it is smooth, lightweight, and easy to use.

App Code

JetBrains developed AppCode for building iOS/ OS X applications. This comprehensive IDE supports various programming technologies like Objective C, Swift, C++, XML, JavaScript, HTML, XPath, and CSS.

With an extensive iOS development environment, App Code ensures that the entire code is executed in a fast and efficient manner. It also removes the need for further code typing and manages the daily duties with ease. Safe and accurate refactoring also helps in improving and updating the code. The key benefit of using AppCode is that it makes the entire process of building and analysing code simplified.


Fabric is another popular iOS development tool that allows product owners to hire an iPhone app development company and construct several applications to achieve their desired objectives. The Fabric comprises various modular application development kits to develop top-performing, real-time applications that are easy to connect with the Apple development environment.


Following are some of the most useful plugins available in the iPhone dev kit; you can choose to build an impressive iOS application.


The Injection is a comprehensive Xcode plugin that powerfully inserts new objective C/swift code into the running application to accelerate development. It’s available through AppCode or Alcatraz. The best thing about Injection is that it performs everything without disturbing the project in any way. Inject III is the latest version available for free download on the Mac App Store.


The GitDiff modules add visual information to XCoe git to make the code modifications smoother. It necessarily tracks each modification made to your git repository. This comprehensive plugin is beneficial to identify and modify the code lines. It also offers suggestions based on your existing constraints. The plugin comprises a menubar application with different colour preferences and the capability to on/off specific highlight settings.


Dash supports iPhone, Mac, and iPad. This tool offers over 100 cheat sheets and more than 200 API documentation sets for your iPhone. It is an extensive, open-source plugin that enables you to build your documents. It is commonly known as a code scrap manager.

Wrapping Up

Finally, these iOS app development tools would make your iOS development easier while enabling you to have a diverse toolkit in your iOS development toolbox. Complex application creation has never been faster or easier, thanks to every iOS app development company and these comprehensive iOS development tools.

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