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Effective Ideas of Using Digital Signage in Retail Store Marketing

Online stores are rapidly taking over physical stores. The year 2020 witnessed a 3% decline in the worldwide retail sales at $23.389 trillion. 

But irrespective of the growth that online businesses witness, people will never stop fancying the in-store shopping experience. 

Hence, as a retail store owner, it must be your number one priority to provide a customer experience like no other, and have regular visits from shoppers. 

And for that, Digital Signage can be the perfect Jack to your Rose or, put simply, your rescue from the dominance of the internet. Hooked to know more? Keep reading to find out why digital signage in retail store is the ultimate strategy. 

Top Benefits Of Using Digital Signage For Retail Stores

Before getting into the ideas of using digital signage in retail store, let’s quickly run-through its benefits. 

  • Builds Engagement For Your Retail Store Audience: Make the most from audience engagement with digital signages. You can display a variety of content ranging from offers, discounts, new products, customer reviews, user-generated content, and so much more. 


  • Improves Your Social Media Presence: Social media is dominating the globe, people cannot keep themselves from scrolling through the content created on these platforms. Take advantage of digital signage to inform your customers about your presence. 


  • Improve Customer Experience: There are many ways to improve customer experience with respect to giving them outfit inspirations and letting them know of the size available. 


  • Better Internal Communication: Your retail store staff is all over the place, which makes communication difficult. Leverage digital signage to pass on information with ease. 

Effective Ideas For Retail Store Digital Signage

  • Boost Engagement With Social Media Wall 

Content generated on social media can effectively engage your retail audience. Featuring content generated by your users can boost trust, facilitate customer loyalty and conversions. 

Use the eye-catching digital signage to show off how much your customers fancy your brand. Here, social media aggregators can help you aggregate content created on social media platforms, which is also updated in real-time to ensure that you display valuable content on digital displays. 

When shoppers come across content created by people like them using your products, they will be excited to also do the same. 

  • Share Your Brand’s Story 

Using digital signages, you can display a wide array of content. Hence, make the most of it by showcasing your brand story to awe-inspire your audience’s attention. 

Raising awareness about your brand’s social media presence is great but it makes a lot more sense to share how your brand was established and how it grew, with the people visiting your store.

Sharing your brand’s story also adds an emotional touch to the otherwise branded and promotional content. 

  • Display Details of Your Product

Products are the centerpiece of a retail store, which needs to be shown appropriately to the store visitors. Using digital signage, you can list your products with appropriate descriptions like price, styling ideas, material of the product, etc., for the customers to make appropriate choices. 

The catch here is that you need to use high definition quality of your products to seamlessly attract the audience’s attention. You can also make your products visually appealing by adding visual effects, background music, etc., to make the potential customers pay attention to the retail digital signage

  • Display QR Codes 

Displaying QR code is an effective strategy to generate excitement amongst your retail store audience. 

You can run contests on social media platforms and also include your offline audience’s participation in it. With QR codes, you can encourage your in-store visitors to click themselves and upload the visuals of their experience leveraging the QR Code, in return of an incentive.

This will increase their experience of visiting your retail store, while instilling shopping excitement in their minds. 

  • Showcase Ongoing Discounts & Offers

We all must agree to the fact that discounts and offers are a great way to attract the flock. By showcasing ongoing discounts and offers on digital signage displays, you stand an opportunity to sell more. 

Here, one great way can be to set up the digital signage outside the store, it can make the passers-by interested in what you have to offer. Thus, augmenting your sales and revenue potentially. 

  • Enhance Internal Communication

Like any other workplace, a retail store also has a workforce consisting of floor managers, sales, executives, etc., which are mostly scattered all over the store. In a placement such as this, it gets tedious to maintain smooth communication, the one that ensures all the employees receive the message. 

With retail digital signage, you can  make amendments and advancements in your internal communication, reach out to your employees right where they are and convey your messages effectively. 

Over To You

Retail digital signage can be your best investment when it comes to attracting your audiences’ attention, engagement and converting them. 

Now that you have great content insights to showcase on digital signage, about time to implement it already?

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