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Education Of The Child

Education Of The Child: My Advice For A Fair Balance! 

The education of the child is a challenge for all parents! Whatever their age, the difficulties we encounter in raising our (or our) kids push us to question ourselves, to take the time to understand them, to try new things, and above all, to learn to love them every day as it is. The child’s education gives him everything he needs to flourish, have self-confidence, and shine with others while enjoying all these years spent with him; on the program, a selection of articles is classified by age to educate our children in shared joy.

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Give A Framework and Help To Grow.

Within the parental couple, if we are generally quite in agreement on the values ​​that we wish to transmit to our child, the way to achieve this is not always shared. The child’s education is already not so simple, but tuning his violins, in addition, can also be another challenge! How to give a good education? (And besides, is there a good education, because it is very personal). What is the parent’s role in education? Why do we say that family education is essential?

And in terms of the means to be heard: should we punish, motivate, congratulate, welcome emotions, let things happen, devote ourselves body and soul to our cherub? How to exercise our famous parental authority and educate our children? In short, so many questions that we ask ourselves without really having an answer. (Normal, it’s up to everyone to build their position in terms of education!)

For this reason, we offer you content and food for thought on this site to help you in your daily life as a parent, which has also enabled many couples to find common ground. 

From early childhood to adolescence, a site full of advice for a fulfilling family

This site is full of advice for children’s education from 0 to 10 years old! I offer advice and tips for dealing with anger, whims, arguments between brothers and sisters (or school friends), disrespect, “No,” difficult bedtimes, etc. You will find all the keys to helping your child flourish and have self-confidence.

Below is a selection of featured articles from Cool Parents Make Happy Kids, some of our readers most read and appreciated. Like them, you will certainly find nuggets and tips to make your daily life easier. And for those who want to go even further, we also offer cool coaching, i.e., very effective and cool mini-trainings to understand your relationship to child education better and improve family life. In-depth – and a good mood. The latest novelty is the Cool Boost, a brand new concept of application between collective coaching and positive education, where we move forward together each month on a problem! 

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Doubtless, no one needs to learn, like the Bourgeois gentleman, that there is nothing to express himself but prose and verse, that all that is not prose is verse, and that all that is not verse is prose. The ear alone warns and recognises that these two ways of stating the thought are not similar. Thus prose and verse constitute two very distinct languages while using the same terms, the same figures, the same images; the prose is the language of conversation, and in a higher sense, that of eloquence. The verse is the language of poetry, and the latter differs greatly from the other by the boldness of inversions, ellipses and metaphors.

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