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Duties of Packers and Movers in Al Nahda Dubai

Whether you’re moving across the street or  the country packing is a crucial step which is essential for successful relocation. Since we’ve been operating for over a decade, movers and packers in al Nahda Dubai have developed an impressive assortment of packing materials that are certain to secure household goods in any size.

For everything from furniture and power tools  to China fine and clothes we have a variety of boxes for moving. It can easily accommodate the items you’ll need to carry for your relocation. We also have wheeled dollies that make it easier to move heavy objects.

Full-Service Packing for Your Move

As part our move program, we will assign you a personal moving coordinator who will discuss every part of the process with you.

You can choose to have us load all your possessions and you can also decide to complete some of the packing yourself .And trust the professionals to pack those difficult to transport, important or fragile objects.

Whatever method you decide to use about your personal move, we’ll help you develop a plan of action that is tailored to your situation.

Apart from packing and moving services, we also provide similar services for unpacking with every move we undertake.

You can opt to leave several boxes left unpacked or get them all unpacked. Our coordinator for moving will assist with the preparation of details for packing and unpacking and will discuss the amount of coverage for moving that is best for your needs.

Our team is well skilled and knowledgeable in packing using the right equipment to ensure that your possessions are protected as much as they can during the moving. If you do not have the essential packing materials, we can provide an extensive range of packing materials to select from.

Packing Tips:

Our many years of experience with moving and packing has helped us learn the rules and regulations of moving that every person ought to know. If you’re looking for useful tips on how you can better organize your move, consider these helpful packing and moving tips:


 Make use of a marker or pen to make a list of the items contained in the box, on an unmarked label as well as on the box the box itself. There are other helpful moving apps that permit you to label and crate boxes with your smartphone. Make sure you write large, bold words to the container that indicate the space your belongings belong to for a smoother move for the moving company.

Most Important Goes Last:

 Be sure to take the items you’ll require first at the time you’re done packing and put them on the truck at the end. It could also be ideal to pack your bag with the things that you and your family may require right away. This gives you time to unpack and place the items in order instead of hurrying. The bags should include items like toiletries, clothes, and food items so that you will carry everything you require to go through the following day in comfort prior to unpacking the rest of your luggage.


In addition to keeping similar objects together, you should be certain to stack everything according to weight within the box. The heavier items should be placed on the bottom and then end the stack with lighter items in the collection. Be sure to place the heaviest items closest to the door as is possible for speedier and less stressful on the day of moving.

Room by Room:

All the items you come across in one place before beginning with the other rooms. This is extremely helpful to organize your home as it lets you concentrate on one task at a given time and you’ll be sure that everything has been taken care of and recorded.

Movers and packers in al Nahda Dubai employees are prompt and will be in touch with you to fully comprehend the needs of your move. Our clients’ needs are the top priority for us, and we will be able to help you no matter if you need to pack just one item or the entire house packed, we’re ready to assist.

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