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DPL and NDPL License by Department of Telecommunication

DPL License and NDPL LicenseThey are abbreviated terms of Dealer Possession License and Non-dealer possession license. Mandatory for those wishing to possess wireless and telegraph apparatus either as a dealer or a non-dealer, these business licenses don’t have much information about them on the internet. Thus, this article is an attempt to shed light on them in the most simplistic way.

Some telecommunication equipment are so nuanced and technologically intensive that the Department of Telecommunication restricts most organizations from possessing them.

The Possession License is the required approval for owning such telecommunication articles. Another variant of it, the dealer possession license, allows you to rent or sell those products for profit.

In this article, we are going to discuss such business licenses. One is for those who deal in telecommunication and wireless apparatuses. And the other is for the non-dealers of those products.

Types of products for which possession license is mandatory

Before we dive into the two different types of possession licenses, let us discuss the types of products that require such approvals. Nevertheless, many telecommunication products come under the jurisdiction of possession license. But, you can categorize them into two parts:

  1. Wireless apparatus: these are wireless products working under the licensed bands.
  2. Telegraphy apparatus: These are telecommunication products of similar nature as above.

What is the need for NDPL and DPL Licenses?

Dealer possession certificate as defined by the Ministry of Communication and Information technology in its letter to the e-commerce companies. This letter stressed the need to issue a DPL license to those who wish to hire or sell wireless apparatus to any person.

It stated that to sell or hire a wireless apparatus, a person must obtain a DPL license on a mandatory basis.

Additionally, that person is only allowed to sell the equipment to those with authorization to use them. This authorization is known as the NDPL or the Non-Dealer Possession License.

Much of the information available about the DPL and NDPL license is still incomplete. Therefore, while we have tried to provide you with an extensive insight into those permissions, know that they can change in the future. 

What is the eligibility criteria to obtain the NDPL and DPL License?

There is only one eligibility criterion you need to adhere to for the DPL Certificate or the NDPL license, and that is you need to have a registered business entity.

Because the Department of Telecommunication doesn’t entertain an application from individual applicants, you need to incorporate a company and then use that company to apply for the license.

What is the procedure to obtain the DPL or NDPL license?

The standard procedure you need to follow to acquire the titular certificates is as follows:

  1. Company incorporation as per the Companies Act, 2013.
  2. Filing of application via the online portal.
  3. Submission of the requisite documents.
  4. The application will go through DOT’s assessment.
  5. If the Department finds any errors, you will receive the notification to rectify them.
  6. Once the application gets approval, you’ll receive the DPL or NDPL license.

What are the documents required for DPL and NDPL licenses?

Following is the list of standard documents required by the DOT to assess your application for a DPL or NDPL license:

  1. Certificate of incorporation
  2. Memorandum of Association
  3. Articles of Association
  4. Type of telecom product you want to possess
  5. Copy of the telecom license specific to your business. If you’re applying for an NDPL license.
  6. Technical specification of the telecom equipment
  7. A duly filled application form.


DPL and the NDPL license are business certifications specific to the dealers and users of niche telecommunication products.

As business licenses, there are not many who seek it. However, in this technologically centric world, where telecommunication and broadcasting provide the most entrepreneurial opportunities.

There might come a day when having this license might make all the difference between making your venture a success or a failure.

Contact Registrationwala for further details.

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DPL and NDPL licenses by the Department of Telecommunication. Dealers and non-dealers of specific telecommunication and wireless equipment require them on a mandatory basis. Consult with Registrationwala for further details about the license.

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