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Dealer Possession License is one certificate you didn’t know you needed

When it comes to Dealer Possession Licenses, or possession licenses in general, the information available online is pretty scarce. However, with the passage of time, we are slowly realizing the need for possession license in India. And it turns out, it is probably the most important document in the telecom sector.

When it comes to telecom licenses, the Department of Telecommunication hasn’t been very forthcoming about them. Yes, it has provided us with notifications to help us understand the present telecom certificates.

Whenever you try to do a business within the telecom domain, the first need you need to fulfil is that of the equipment. Without it, neither your business nor your operations can see the light of day. However, now, even the prospect of buying the equipment has become complicated. Read More: Trademark Registration

No longer you can just go to the market and purchase them, for the government now covets. And thus, it has made it mandatory for the purchaser to have the possession license.

And if you are someone who is purchasing the telecom device for the purpose of sale, you need dealer possession license.

But why are we just now opening our eyes to this business certificate? What changed that prompted the government to introduce more restrictions within the telecom domain?

Let us find out.

Why the sudden rise in demand for Dealer Possession License?

You cannot deny that no industry has seen the uptick in terms of growth as much as the telecommunication sector. It has given rise to diverse range of telecom services that are not limited to providing internet access to subscribers.

Currently, we are witnessing many companies whose services that are solely focusing on developing telecommunication technologies (see 5G). Such enterprises require business registration to own the equipment necessary for testing. Read More: One Person Company Registration

Ergo, the need of possession license increased.

However, there aren’t many in the market that can act as a source of such products. Thus, it created the need for intermediaries in this business. Consequently, it gave rise to dealers whose task is to deal in nuanced telecommunication products. The license they require to act as a dealer is the Dealer possession license.

The sudden need of this business certificate is reflected in the process one must go through to obtain it.

Procedure to obtain Dealer Possession Certificate in India

Here is the process to obtain dealer possession certificate in India:

  1. Furnish the requisite documents.
  2. Preserve their hard copies in a safe place.
  3. Download the dealer possession license application form from the official website.
  4. Fill the application form, attach the documents and submit them both to the DOT branch in your region.
  5. After assessing you as an applicant, you will receive the license to act as a dealer who purveys in telecom devices.

As you can see, the process doesn’t contain any online element. Because it is a recent license, the government is still formulating new regulations pertaining to it.

Documents for the DPL license

Following are the documents you must furnish prior to filing the application form:

  1. Certificate of incorporation
  2. Memorandum of Association
  3. Articles of Association
  4. Specifications of telecom devices that you deal in
  5. Your list of contacts who will purchase those devices form you
  6. List of directors and shareholders of your company
  7. Your company’s net worth certificate.

The DOT assesses these documents to assess you as the applicant for the dealer certificate. If you meet the criteria – something that is still hidden from many – you will obtain the license. Read More: Surveyor and Loss Assessor

Dealer Possession License is one telecom certificate that you didn’t know needed. This explores all the reasons behind its requirement and explains to you the process to obtain it.

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