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Dealer Certification in India: Things that you need to know

Dealer Certification is issued by the legal metrology department to entities that want to deal in weights and measuring products in India. It is for the importers  and manufacturers of such products who also wish to use them for trading purposes. Thus, it’s also for these products’ retailers.

It’s a mandatory certification that you can only acquire if your products follows all the regulatory requirements set by the Legal metrology department. However, despite is importance, it’s a certification that now many people know about.

That brings us to the purpose of posting this article. It’s to tell you  about  the facts that you need to know about authorized dealer certificate.

Fact 1: Dealer registration is mandatory for all the dealers

If you’re a dealer of weights and measuring products, then dealer  registration is not just optional for you. In fact, as per the regulations set by the Legal Metrology Departments, you need to apply for dealer license before you retail even one unit of the weights and measuring product. Read More:Insurance Marketing Firm

Fact 2: Dealer license is the requirement for two types of entities

Authorized dealer certificate is the mandatory requirement of two entities:

  1. Manufacturers of weights and measuring products: If you want to distribute your measuring product, then in additional to the mandatory model approval, you need to obtain Dealer certificate on a mandatory basis.
  2. Importers of weights and measuring product: Other than the mandatory import license and the model approval to bring the weights and measuring products in India, you also need dealer certification if you wish to sell them on the Indian market.

Fact 3: The fee and the time it takes to approve the application varies from state to state

Legal metrology rules are centralized. However, the government of India has given freedom to the state governments  to implement them with flexibility when it comes setting the approval time and fees. Thus, if you want to deal in weights and measuring instruments in Delhi, you’d pay a different fee as compared to what you’d pay to do the same in Utter Pradesh.

Fact 4: You need Dealer license in every state if you want to deal in weights and measuring products throughout India

Dealer certification is issued on a state-wise basis. Thus, to deal in weights and measuring products in different states, you need to obtain separate dealer licenses for those states.

Fact 5: Dealer certification is not a permanent license

Don’t file the Dealer application under the impression that the license is permanent. Dealer certification is only valid for five years. After this period is over, you need to renew the license to continue dealing in weights and measuring products.


If you wish to deal in products that belong to the weights and measuring domain, you need to file dealer license application. Provided that you have filled the details correctly, you’ll obtain the Dealer certification. Valid for 5 years, dealer license is can be acquire with the assistance of legal metrology consultants. Contact us for further details. Read More: WPC Certification

Dealer Certification is a requirement as per the Legal Metrology Act 2009 for dealer of weights and measuring products. Read this blog to know more.

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