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Daily, Weekly and Monthly Daycare Cleaning Checklist

Parents pay a lot to send their kids to daycare centers which is why they expect the very best from the daycare staff. This is why if you are running a daycare center, you must pay a lot of attention to its cleanliness. The center must be a safe and clean place so the kids coming there on daily basis can stay in a tidy and hygienic place. You must keep the place sparkling clean and the bathrooms free from germs and tidy all the time. Kids are more prone to allergies and diseases, which is why daycare cleaning centers should take special care when it comes to cleanliness. A cleaning checklist helps keep everything on track, even on the busiest days. 

1- Daily Daycare Cleaning Checklist

The routine daycare cleaning usually starts well before the time when the parents arrive to leave their children at the daycare center. Professional daycare cleaners use this time to their advantage to organize many things. This may involve marking the containers so the children can put their toys, throw the dirty clothes in laundry baskets and place the dirty utensils in the dishwasher. Although it might seem boring for the kids, adding some music can make it fun for them. However, if the kids are tired and are in no mood to clean, daycare staff can be involved. A daily daycare cleanup checklist further involves:

  • Using a vacuum cleaner and a floor mop for cleaning carpets, tough tiles, or smooth flooring.
  • Using a microfiber cloth and detergent to wipe the kitchen counters. Using a dry cloth for dusting kitchen furniture. Washing the dishes placed in the dishwasher.
  • Using a quality detergent to clean bathrooms. Sinks, toilets, and bathroom floors must be disinfected. A clean towel must be replaced on a daily basis. 
  • Toys made of plastic should be disinfected using a less toxic disinfectant and must be kept to a side for drying. Books and puzzles made of paper should be cleaned with a mild wet cloth. 
  • Beds should be wiped with a wet cloth, or if needed, they can be disinfected as well. However, bedsheets must be changed daily.  
  • Door handles must be cleaned with a wet wipe, and a disinfectant should be sprayed on them too.  

2- Weekly Daycare Cleaning Checklist

Through a weekly daycare cleaning service in Vancouver, BC, cleaning tasks can be done on a weekly basis rather than daily. Cleaners of professional companies often divide their tasks to make the cleaning less difficult and to ensure that it is fully completed. The weekly checklist is as follows.

  • Clean or wash the soft toys or the ones made of cloth, as it is difficult for them to dry quickly. 
  • Remove the books and toys from the shelves and dust wipe them. You can also spray the disinfectant on the shelves for comprehensive cleaning.
  • Deep cleaning of the daycare furniture. This includes thoroughly mopping tables, chairs, beds, and mattresses, followed by disinfection.
  • You should set up the laundry at least once a week to clean the dirty clothes. Let the clothes get dry and fold them properly. 
  • Clean the artwork and decoration pieces using a dry cloth. Wet wipe the ones made of glass. 
  • Make sure that you clean the daycare bathrooms deeply. Clean the areas that are hard to reach, for example, the ones behind the toilet seat and behind the sink.  
  • Thoroughly clean the kitchen appliances and place the utensils properly inside the cupboard. Make sure to remove the food and drinks from the kitchen that have expired. You must also throw anything that is old or hasn’t been used for a while. 

3- Monthly Daycare Cleaning Checklist

No matter how well you follow the checklists of daycare cleaning, some tasks might be done monthly. A daycare checklist for monthly cleaning includes:

  • Checking the sink and drainage pipes to see if there are any possible leaks. Repair immediately if you find the leaks.  
  • Deep cleaning the windows, blinds, and curtains using a top-quality window cleaner.
  • Removing furniture from the entire daycare center on an off day and vacuum cleaning it. This will remove the stubborn dirt accumulating at the corners and areas behind the furniture. 
  • Cleaning carpets or rugs several times a month prevents bacteria from accumulating in high-traffic areas. This can help heal blemishes and prevent them from reappearing. 
  • Cleaning the air ducts to ensure there is no mold or dust in the air.
  • Cleaning and polishing the wooden floors.

Important Daycare Cleaning Tips 

Without important cleaning tips, a daily, weekly, or monthly daycare cleaning checklist is incomplete. Follow these tips to ensure brilliant and effective results.

1- Put Tags on your Cleaning Agents

There are multiple cleaning agents, some of which contain very aggressive chemicals. This means they cannot be used in places with children. For example, a floor disinfectant includes a lot of harmful chemicals; hence, you should label it. So that the cleaners use the disinfectant carefully. 

2- Make Using Hand Wash a Regular Routine for Daycare Staff

The daycare staff unknowingly collect germs by opening doors, changing diapers, and wiping babies’ faces. Germs cannot be avoided, but you can prevent them from spreading by hand washing regularly. When moving to another location, caretakers must wash their hands, regardless of whether they are wearing gloves or not. This will protect the daycare from several diseases.

3- Ask your Service Provider to Change Cleaning Staff Regularly

Although cleaning staff of professional companies are experts in their field and also the staff is good. However, cleaning similar place time after time can cause poor results. Replacing the cleaners with time prevents this, and if any areas are overlooked, they can be found and cleaned during these changes. Therefore, you can just ask your daycare cleaning service in Vancouver, BC, to shuffle the staff regularly. 

Follow the checklist shared above to help assign tasks, balance the cleaning schedules and save time and effort. Make sure to follow all the tips and methods shared above to ensure a properly cleaned and organized daycare center in Vancouver, BC

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