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Custom Candle Boxes and Packaging Ideas for Business

To increase sales, companies must invest in customized packaging. It is not enough to just use brown cardboard or a box board anymore. Customized packaging needs to have visual aids that attract potential customers. Strategic creativity is required to come up with the perfect packaging. Here are some tips to help you make a decision on your next candle box project. Below are some examples of packaging materials that can help your company sell more candles. All of them are recyclable, too!


If you’re interested in eco-friendly sustainable online printing solutions, ICM Packaging is a great place to start. Not only does ICM Packaging provide custom candle boxes, but they also offer a variety of customizable products, including custom bottle labels, marketing cards, advertising flyers, and sign printing. They also specialize in eco-friendly and sustainable online printing solutions, and they have a wide variety of products available for you to choose from.

Candle Boxes Wholesale should be premium and appealing, so it’s essential to select the right material for the box. Lighter candles should be packaged in single-layer cardstock, while heavier, multi-layer corrugated cardboard is the perfect choice for heavier candle boxes. Candle boxes should also be durable, as many items are damaged during delivery. This makes the material used to create the container essential for protecting your candles. This means that it’s vital to choose a box that will be sturdy enough to hold and protect your candles.

Candle boxes Design

When it comes to candles, the packaging is an important part of selling them. Most scented candles come packaged in windowed boxes to make them look attractive. However, votives and floating candles are often packaged in plain boxes. The custom candle boxes are designed to compliment the shape of the candle, with an extended neck tray and sturdy base. They also feature custom scents, which allow you to make your candle boxes look professional and unique.

These boxes are made from corrugated cardboard and are thick enough to protect the candles. Custom candle boxes are available in both a glossy and matte finish. To make your candles look the best, you can choose from a range of color options, including white, black, silver, gold, or any other color you wish. ICM Packaging also provides candle jars, which come in a range of different sizes.

Candle boxes Packaging

You can customize your Candle packaging boxes and logos to fit your business’s brand identity. These boxes are a great way to display your candles, and they can also be used for stockpiling marketing, and gifts. You can also choose from a wide range of different materials, including paper or plastic sleeves. Whatever your needs are, ICM Packaging can help you find the perfect solution. They are a leading manufacturer of custom packaging, so you can expect superior quality and creativity from their team.

To enhance the look and shine of your Custom Candle Boxes, you can choose to have them gloss-laminated. This high-quality coating is environmentally friendly and protects your candles from damage. It also makes your brand logo more visible. This type of coating makes your Candle Boxes look dazzling, and you’ll love how they look once they’re unwrapped. ICM Packaging uses the highest quality material and has a team of experts who can help you decide on the right type of coating for your Custom Candle Boxes.

Recycled cardboard

If you are looking for a cheap and attractive way to package your candles, you should consider using recycled cardboard. Not only is it cheap and recyclable, but it can be molded into a pretty box that can carry up to three times its weight. Plus, cardboard is a great choice for custom packaging because it can double as a shipping container and be reused. If you don’t want to use recycled material for your packaging, then you can choose a lighter cardboard alternative.

Custom printed candle boxes are a great way to showcase your scented products. Available in three different thicknesses, they are great conversation pieces. They will also protect the candles inside. Aside from being conversational, a unique box will set your gift apart from the rest. You can even get these boxes with UV coatings or Abrasion guards. These are all great options to consider when choosing your candle packaging.

Corrugated cardboard

When creating a customized candle box, you have many options for design. You can opt for an elegant box with a simple design or go for a simple, plain box with no print. Cardstock is the ideal choice for smaller, lighter candles. But, if you are planning to sell candles in bulk quantities, corrugated cardboard is a perfect choice. This material is strong and durable and will not crush your products.

When creating custom candle boxes, you can include your company name, logo, and any other important information. This will give your customers an enhanced experience and make your products more memorable. Corrugated cardboard is the best choice for custom boxes because it is recyclable and will last for several years. Moreover, it will not only protect your products during shipping but also on retail shelves. These boxes are ideal for promotional events and are an excellent choice for packaging your scented candles.

3D logo embossing

With 3D logo embossing on your custom candle boxes, you can add a unique visual impact to your products. Using the 3D logo embossing technique, your logo will be raised up from the box surface, creating a more appealing product. This technique can also enhance the protection of your wax melt boxes. In addition, this process is affordable and fast. With these two benefits, you’ll be sure to find the perfect custom candle boxes to showcase your brand.

If you have a specific color scheme in mind, you can use CMYK or PMS color models. These Custom packaging boxes can add a unique design and increase the perceived value of your product. Using CMYK can help increase traffic to your website and enhance your brand’s image. Choose CMYK or PMS for the best results! They are both high qualities, durable, and can provide an infinite safety advantage.

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