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Curious About Android Spy App?


In this era, the mobile phone is a basic need. A small device connects us with all the loved ones living far away. A few years back we wrote letters and which take a lot of time, but now everyone is just a click away. On the other hand addiction to anything is harmful. Now the question is how to monitor your kids, employees, loved ones so that we can help them. I know you have a lot of questions about the Android spy app I am answering some given below.

Is it costly:

No, spy apps are not costly at all. They are at reasonable prices and offer a lot of features. If we compare its features with the cost then you can say they are very cheap. OgyMogy for example offers three different kinds of versions for its users.

Will my kid know about it?

Android Spy apps are very common nowadays. It gives you all the detail you wanted about your teens or even employees. The best thing about these apps is that they will give you all the information without their knowledge. No, your kid did not know about the app.

Can I lose control?

Don’t believe in false rumors that you can lose control of this smart Android spy app like OgyMogy. The answer is No these apps are very smart and controllable. If you want to stop it you can easily do.

Can my data get hacked?

If you are worried about your data and heard from, someone, that using spy apps results in hacking your phone. Then I will tell you no it’s not true at all. It will help you in monitoring your kids. And our OgyMogy Android spy app is not like others, your data is safe with us.

It’s legal  Right?

Yes, it’s legal. You can protect your kids from cyberbullying. You can monitor their online activities. Their phone call logs, messages, and all other social media apps and browsing history.

Can someone put spyware software on your phone without touching it?

NO, it is not possible. You need physical access but you can put in your teens’ phones without their knowledge and monitor their activities. you can even use it for employees surveillance.

Can I track my kids through the spy app?

Yes, you can. Our OgyMogy is the number one Android spy app. It has a lot of features one of them is GPS tracking you can track your kid’s location without asking them.

Why should I use this app how it can help me?

As parents, we are responsible for our kid’s safety. Whatever we do if they are in danger we will be there for them. But we don’t know that they are facing some problems then how can we help them. Besides everything kids nowadays are very sensitive and more private than us they don’t share their problems with their elders. To solve their problems, they take some less wise decisions that will throw them in trouble. We cannot keep an eye on them all the time, by using our OgyMogy spy app you can watch them and protect them easily.

Can I use a spy app for my employees?

Yes, in the present situation of a covid pandemic, when people start working from home it’s very difficult for the managers to check their employee’s activities. Spy apps become a popular and efficient way of monitoring your employees. You can install it on their work phone and computer. After that, it will give you all the details you need. Our OgyMogy Android spy app takes screenshots, records the time when they start working, and when they take a break.


Spy apps are very helpful if we use them for the right causes. Like checking on your older parents when you are away, Watching your special kids when they are with nannies and nurses,  Watching your teenagers when they went out with friends late at night. Tracking your employees when they are working from home. You can check their emails if you think they are sharing confidential data with your rivals or competitors. Check out your kid’s browsing history, call logs, social networks chats, protecting them from cyberbullying. You can check the surrounding of your loved one by getting control of the mic and camera.

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