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Consumption of liquid supplied by naturally carbonated water supplier

Water that is extracted from the source and contains carbon dioxide is called Naturally carbonated water. The carbon dioxide infused water is stored in bottles under pressure. This pressure leads to bubblydrinks. 

These beverages are also called naturally sparkling water, club soda, seltzer water, soda water and fizzy water in a few parts of the world. 

Characteristics of the liquid

The carbonic acid produced by a chemical reaction between water and carbon dioxide stimulates nerve receptors in the mouth. Its pH value is 3-4. This acidic nature inflicts pricky and burning sensations that can cause irritation as well as a pleasurable experience.

Though the H2O contains carbon dioxide, it is allowed for human consumption. The reason is simple; its acidic nature will not add to the existing acidic properties in the human body. Our kidneys and lungs will eliminate excess carbon dioxide to maintain the pH value of blood between 7.35–7.45 irrespective of diet. 

A slightly alkaline pH value maintained by the body will not allowsevere consequences by acidic water.  

Do you want to know how the concentrated water is prepared? 

It is a simple process for a naturally carbonated water supplier as they do their part in production and supply to the general public. It is time for you to know the basic concept to enlighten yourself. 

To begin with, Carbon dioxide is introduced into the still water under pressure. 

The second step is setting of gas regulator valve of the CO2 tank to 55 PSI for enabling pressure maintenance at approximately 12 PSI. Most commercial producers carbonate water around 20 PSI. 

The last step is packaging, labelling and distribution by a non natural water bottle supplier.

The bubbles appear on the opening of the bottle cap as water cannot hold excess CO2 under pressure.

Positive effects on the human body

Carbonated water promotes hydration and is low in calories when compared to soda. Naturally carbonated water supplier is also known to restrict the addition of body weight as drinking enough water removes the feeling of hunger which may be due to dehydration. Few of the studies suggest that water reduced concerns related to indigestion and constipation. 

Potential risks 

Unflavored and unsweetened fluids are beneficial for health. On the contrary, liquids with high amounts of sugar and additives can cause side effects such as tooth decay, gas and bloating.Water that is extracted from the source and contains carbon dioxide is called Naturally carbonated water. The carbon dioxide infused water is stored in bottles under pressure.

  • Tooth decay can be caused by high sugar contained water. However, good oral hygiene and minimal sugar contained liquids can prevent enamel related issues.  
  • Every individual has a different body which is why few of the customers complain of gas and bloating problems post-consumption of liquid purchased from a non natural water bottle supplier.

Bottom line

Online stores and traditional shops offer a variety of carbonated water for sale. The liquid offers benefits and disadvantages. All that is needed is to review the content of added flavours and sugar before purchase to prevent health issues. 


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